Conor McGregor wore a suit with 'F**k You' pinstripes to last night's press conference

A statement piece.

Boxing 2017: Mayweather vs McGregor Press Tour Source: Ringo Chiu

WHAT WAS BILLED as the trash-talking event of the decade turned out to be a bit of a cringefest, truth be told.

Yes, last night in LA Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather began their international promotional tour for their upcoming fight in August.

You can see some of the “highlights” here:

Source: UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship/YouTube

There were some burns delivered, long staredowns and this almost surreal moment where McGregor danced in front of a brooding Mayweather on stage.

But by far the most viral moment to come out of the event was McGregor’s suit – which looked like standard fare at the outset.

Mayweather-McGregor Los Angeles World Press Tour Source: Chris Farina

But on closer inspection, the pinstripes were made up of the words ‘Fuck you’.

mcgregor3 Source: Imgur/Showtime

That’s one way to deliver your message.

What are they
really like?

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He even explained on stage what the pinstripes were made up of, for the benefit of those who couldn’t get a close up view.

And then later last night posted this matter-of-fact status to Facebook: ”The suit says fuck you”.

mcgregorsuit Source: Showtime/Conor McGregor

The press conference itself might not have delivered, but McGregor’s suit created enough ripples to make up for it.

The show continues this evening in Toronto with another press conference – and who knows what he’s going to be wearing.

But given he turns 29 later this week, maybe a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” pinstripe suit is in the works.

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