Who won when Conor Murray and Jamie Heaslip went head-to-head in a fitness challenge?

Murray and Heaslip faced off in a series of physical challenges.

HOW WOULD YOU fare in these challenges?

Ireland teammates Conor Murray and Jamie Heaslip went-head-to head recently in a series of physical challenges for MaxiNutrition, to see who was definitively* (not actually definitively) the stronger athlete.

The pair started with a balance competition on a Swiss ball, before seeing who would hold their body weight the longest.

We then found out who had the better core with a planking challenge, before moving onto dumbell holds, and finishing with push-ups.

First up, the Swiss ball challenge…

Source: MaxiNutrition/YouTube

1-0 to the scrum-half, but who would come out on top when they had to do an endurance challenge hanging from a pull-up bar?

Source: MaxiNutrition/YouTube

Heaslip is in big trouble now, and he needs his core to save him. Can he claw his way back into the challenge?

Source: MaxiNutrition/YouTube

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That’s one back, but Murray can still snatch victory with the dumbell straight arm challenge.

Source: MaxiNutrition/YouTube

Heaslip’s on a roll now, and we’re locked at 2-2 heading into the final set. Push-ups will decide it. But this challenge isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality.

Source: MaxiNutrition/YouTube

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