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Feel the rhythm... Which Cool Runnings character are you?

Whoever you are, we’re sure Irv Blitzer will be proud of you.

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How are you feeling today?

A little bit angry
Very Olympic
Where would you like to live?

If you had to name your trusty vehicle, it would be called...
Friedliche reise

Cool Runnings
You wanna kiss my egg?
Where did you get an egg?

Is that my egg?
I ain't kissing no egg
Look in the mirror, tell me what you see

If you weren't an elite level bobsledder you'd be...
But, I am an elite bobsledder
That's okay, I'd be winning tonnes of national kart-racing titles

Armwrestling for money
With Webster, Webster and Cohen
It's evening time after practice, the lads are on for hitting the bar. Where are you?
I meet them there (and probably send them home)
I'll go for a quiet one

Dancing? I'm in
I'm in my room, studying turns
How do you yourself get in the mood?

"You dead?"
Ya, man
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
Derice Bannock
Calm, focused and a born leader. You're the one we want in the driver's seat.
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You scored out of !
Josef Grool
On the outside you're extremely confident, but change makes you uncomfortable.
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You scored out of !
Sanka Coffie
You never stop complaining, but everyone still loves you because you're great craic.
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Junior Bevil
People think you're a doormat sometimes, but inside you have the pride and power to stand your ground when you need to.
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Yul Brenner
You're prone to anger and have been known to hold a grudge, but you're a team player underneath it all.
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How well do you know your retro football jerseys?

Which legendary wrestler are you?

-Originally published November 30

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