Not exactly tiki-taka.
# Scrappy
This could probably be the craziest goal you've ever seen
Not really up to Stephanie Roche standard, this.

EARLIER THIS WEEK the nominees for the 2014 Puskas Award – FIFA Goal of the Year were announced.

This goal from Lautaro Acosta of Club Atlético Lanús probably wouldn’t have made it onto the shortlist if we’re being honest.

Scrappy probably wouldn’t be a strong enough word to describe it, try: absolutely all over the place with a multitude of attacking mistakes, defending mistakes and miskicks. But still, who cares? A goal is a goal.

With the scores locked at 2-2 and the clock ticking into the ninth minute of stoppage time Acosta popped up with this gem (in an entertaining way, certainly not a quality way).

Fans del Football + / YouTube

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