Cub Swanson continues to blame Conor McGregor for everything that's gone wrong in his career

Don’t get bitter Cub, get better.

CUB SWANSON HAS continued his Twitter feud with Conor McGregor, once more blaming the UFC for not giving him the same chances it has afforded the Irish fighter.

With McGregor in full fight promotion mode in the United States yesterday ahead of his bout with Denis Siver, Swanson – who beat Siver at UFC 163 – took the opportunity to once more bash the UFC and the Dubliner.


Of course, this is far from the first time Swanson has taken issue with McGregor, calling him an arrogant prick last December after some serious trolling on the part of the Irish fighter.

Before calling McGregor out:

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Expect a full WWE style appearance octagon-side from Swanson on Sunday night.

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