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# Trial
Danish inventor who denies murdering journalist aboard his submarine says she died of toxic fumes
The first day of the trial took place today in Denmark.
# submarine
Danish submarine inventor accused of murdering journalist 'had videos of women being decapitated alive'
Kim Wall’s headless torso was found floating in waters off Copenhagen on 21 August.
# Denmark
Lego boss (61) replaced 'because of his age'
Briton Bali Padda held the job for just eight months.
# Allegations
Imam accused in Denmark of calling for murder of Jews
He is heard saying: ‘Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.’
# Meik Wiking
Hygge: The Danish art of cosy living that people tried to embrace this year
We sat down with one of the most prominent promoters of hygge (in a very cosy setting) to chat about why happiness can be difficult to achieve.
# sponsored by carlsberg
7 reasons Copenhagen should probably be next on your city break hit list
Not just Hans Christian Andersen – Copenhagen has incredible New Nordic food, achingly cool coffee spots and more Borgen than you can shake a stick at…
# flying off the handle
'Disgusting!' - Danish PM strongly criticised for flying with Ryanair
The budget airline isn’t a favourite of Danish leftists and union leaders.
# The Future
Poll: Would you like to see Ireland become a cashless society?
Are you a cash lover or do you want to see it all go CHIP and pin?
# tiger tiger
10 signs that you are devoted to shopping at Tiger
The posh Danish €2 shop that will slowly take over your life.
# the doghouse
Ever wanted to become a movie character? This is what it's like*
*You may find yourself apologising to someone afterwards.
# No injuries
A twenty-five metre wind turbine blade has fallen to the ground
The incident occurred at the Tursliagh wind farm near Tralee, Co Kerry.
# keep dreaming
Irish people are optimistic things are going to be better next year
Good luck with that.
# oh grow up
14 deeply unfortunate foreign words for everyday things
You’re never too old for a childish chuckle.
5 questions about the Danish royal family's terrifying new portrait
It’s been compared to a horror film poster.
# honesty
Ireland ranks 13th in survey of most honest hotel guests
Danish guests are the most honest with 88 per cent saying they have never stolen from a hotel.
# unbridled
Scott Evans wins Irish Open badminton title
Chloe Magee was unlucky to lose out in the Women’s Singles Final in Baldoyle this afternoon.
# Net gains
Evans and Magee advance to the finals of Irish Open
The Olympic badminton stars will face French and Danish opponents in Sunday title deciders.
# Kate Middleton
Oh dear! More photos of Kate Middleton in the nip published
A Danish tabloid has pictures of the Duchess… bottomless.
# Pirates
Danish family kidnapped over six months ago released by Somali pirates
The family, including three teenagers, and two crew members were kidnapped by pirates as they sailed in the Indian Ocean – a piracy hotspot.