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It's Your Dortmund Blending Into Their London Surroundings Pic of the Day
First the deckchair and now this. It’s hard not to love Dortmund.

WE’RE OBVIOUSLY NEUTRAL in Towers, but it’s difficult not to fall more in love with Borussia Dortmund with each passing hour.

Earlier today we reported that the Champions League finalists had placed a deckchair outside Buckingham Palace.

Then we found the ‘I want to be like Jurgen Klopp‘ song to dance around the office to.

Now we’re told the Germans’ are placing Dortmund themed ‘Queen’s Guards’ outside hotels.

Image: Christian Machowski

Whatever the result in Wembley on Saturday evening, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Dortmund are beating Bayern Munich when it comes to winning our hearts.

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