'It just defies logic' - An ex-Ireland coach does not agree with Shaun Edwards

The Welsh defence coach thinks the choke tackle should be banned.

O'Sullivan thinks the choke tackle isn't related to high tackles in any way.
O'Sullivan thinks the choke tackle isn't related to high tackles in any way.
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SHAUN EDWARDS ANGERED a lot of Irish rugby fans yesterday when he said that the choke tackle should be banned because it encourages high tackles and is a ‘blight on the game’.

Edwards also asked whether the practice of multiple defenders attempting to hold up the ball carrier adds anything to the game and former Ireland coach Eddie O’Sullivan responded to the comments on Off The Ball last night.

It’s safe to say O’Sullivan didn’t get Edwards’ point.

“I think it’s illogical what he’s saying,” O’Sullivan said.

“He is taking two issues and mixing them together. Choke tackling has nothing to do with concussions. Choke tackling is not high tackling, it is about targeting the ball. Throwing in the concussion issue is a red herring.”

The Biarritz boss also thinks that even if the authorities wished to make the choke tackle illegal, it would prove a difficult area of the game to legislate.

“How do you actually outlaw the choke tackle in the game?,” O’Sullivan asked.

“So if I choke tackle somebody, nobody can assist? It just defies logic.”

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Trevor Hogan was also on the show and thought that Edwards was probably using the issue of concussion as a smokescreen for his own agenda.

“For him to pick on another style of tackling because he doesn’t like it and Wales don’t use it is a little bit childish,” Hogan said.

Does Edwards have a point or is O’Sullivan right about the omission of logic?

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