11 ways you know you're a FIFA widow(er)

The struggle is real.

THE NEW FIFA 6 was released last week and all FIFA fans are getting bet into it. But what happens when you can’t stand the sight of the game, but your other half can think about? Welcome to FIFA widow(er)hood.

Yes, we’ve made that a thing.

1. This is your view

From day.

CNq2ZeXWIAEOmqC Source: beckysheppard28

To night.

CPnydshWEAA_qza Source: narwayns

2. You have to deal with them shouting at literally nothing

It’s SO UNFAIR, yet they keep going back for more.

nXfBe Source: Imgur

3. Life is now soundtracked by the electronic cheers of an electronic crowd

What does silence sound like? You can’t remember.

4. You’re mildly baffled at how the commentator knows what’s going on



5. When you think you’ve left the house and are on safe ground, out comes the app

FIFA-16-Companion-App-324x235 Source: Ultimateteam


Familiarise yourself with this phrase. You’ll be hearing it a lot.

28x3gVw Source: Imgur

7. Your plans and life now consists of segments

Communication will now take place at times known as ‘half’ and ‘full’.

This is a card you would love to receive over anything:

il_570xN.713955716_6r09 Source: Etsystatic

Usually you just get this text instead:

What are they
really like?

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CLmu8dmUcAAQjJ3 Source: livvvhow

8. You feel a strange sense of rivalry with EA sports

Ours now_9d2fc3_5474758

9. And you know they’re winning

CPiKEADWcAApgLW Source: hellokimmm

10. If you do actually play, and beat them, expect a bad mood incoming

CPePYllUAAAlYOq Source: daisehhh

11. Getting the TV is almost an unachievable goal

Tweet by @Thadshaayiniy Source: Thadshaayiniy/Twitter

Godspeed ye, all abandoned at the hand of football games.

Written by Nicola Byrne for

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