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Off The Record: Five sports stories you may have missed over the weekend
MLB’s master of illusion, Banty, the master of ceremonies and Steve Nash appreciates beer.

UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN glued to the internet all weekend, there’s a chance that some weird and wonderful sporting tidbits might have slipped through the cracks. Here’s a run-down of some of our favourites…

# The Philadelphia Phillies’ Jiwan James had the MLB world all a chatter these past two days as we tried to figure out how on earth he claimed this amazing catch. It turns out ‘catch’ is a fairly loose term. James actually missed the ball with his glove yet somehow managed to pin it against his body before he rose from the ground to claim an out.

YouTube credit: ostwalletMP

# Late, late on Saturday night, just before you were no doubt ready to get up for your 6am Sunday bike ride, Amir Khan’s reputation as a big draw in the USA went up in smoke. His one-two to the head of Danny Garcia was brushed off by the Philadelphia fighter, who replied with a powerful hook which landed on Khan’s neck.

Lights out.

YouTube credit: PSKProductions2012

# OK, so you hardly missed the news that a man (whose name rhymes with John E Schmonston) returned to the town where he works to play for his native county but playing for the pristine white shirt of Kildare. What you may have missed is this score, his first for the Lilywhites. Also keep an eye out for Niall McDermott’s little word in his ear. Any lip-readers?

YouTube credit: KilkennyFootball

# We’ve had two Philadelphia stories, so here’s another from that great game of gaelic football. Meath manager Seamus (to the fourth estate, Banty to the world) McEnaney is always obliging to interviewed. And when invited to the wedding of someone called Justin, he’s only too happy to join in on the roast. We only cringed for five seconds after hearing the MC’s Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh impression. Once you get over that, it’s fierce funny.

H/T YouTube credit: altormey

#Right, back to the states. Sometimes a team’s new signing can be met with an underwhelmed response. Not at the LA Lakers as Steve Nash found out.

Nash appears to have been just crusin’ along the, ahem, freeway when a truck full of frat boys pulled up alongside. They were good kids, though. All they wanted was to buy the new Laker a beer, so they passed it to him… at high speed.

YouTube credit; anortilas2

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