# Different Class
Five things we learned this weekend...
Here’s what we took away from the past few days’ action.

1. It ain’t how hard you can hit…

We’ve just watched the 30th Dáil adjourn (g’luck!) after some turgid speeches from our politicians. They should have taken inspiration from this: the greatest pep talk ever. You’re quite welcome.

H/T Business Insider

2. Do me a favour, love! (Marta’s pretty good)

You may have heard of the world’s greatest living female footballer. She recently picked up a top award alongside Messi on Ballon D’Or night, of course.

On Sunday, against Juventus, she showed why she doesn’t look out of place under the same spotlight as the great Barcelona man.

3. The half-time show is often as good as the football

Super Bowl weekend is merely days away – woohoo! – and we’re well and truly counting down around here.

This morning Steven O’Rourke offered us his five favourite interval acts.

He omitted Springsteen and he didn’t mention that it’s the Black Eyed Peas in Dallas this Sunday, but it’s still a great piece.

4. Brian O’Driscoll doesn’t like Will Carling

And rightly so. First watch this clip, which is let’s remember, a former England captain and princess-botherer, previewing the Six Nations championship.

Ridiculous. Carling swerves from unfunny Irish accent to WWII slurs on France’s ‘frogs’. I didn’t get past two minutes in, if I’m honest. BOD shot back with this frosty tweet.

Thanks to for heads-up

5. Conor Sammon used to work in a bank

Amid the chaos of Deadline Day yesterday, there was one intriguing sub-plot which developed amongst the screaming headlines generated elsewhere.

Former UCD and Derry City striker signed for Premier League outfit Wigan Athletic and what is good news for Ireland football fans. Niall Kelly introduced us to the big striker, this morning.

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