Geraghty celebrates victory on Riverside Theatre after winning the Ryanair Chase. David Davies/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Follow Friday: It's Barry Geraghty

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WHETHER MAN OR beast, plenty have been forced to follow Barry Geraghty this week.

It has been a momentous week for the Meathman, having already racked up five wins at the Cheltenham Festival.

But it may come as a surprise to some that horse racing takes place on more than just five days in the year.

Yes, aside from a week in the Cotswolds and a big day out at Aintree, there remains a full calendar of work to be done by those brave souls in the saddle.

To follow Geraghty is to follow a man completely dedicated in his craft.

He eats, breaths and sleeps equine pursuits. Sure, there’s a mention of Liverpool here (actually, keeping that quiet is probably for the best) and an ‘up the royals’ there, but to ride horses and to maintain weight is an all-encompassing job.

A fascinating follow, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a ridiculous amount of craic along the way.

Go on, get behind Geraghty, the bandwagon may well be rolling too fast should he win the Gold Cup on Burton Port this afternoon.

Follow Friday: It's Barry Geraghty
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  • Fly on the wall.

    Ah the jockey room, a hive of activity. Riders constantly buzzing in, changing silks, tending bruises and rushing back out for the next race.... what's that? oh.
  • BJG draws the line.

  • Top of my list when flying in a lightning storm.

    However, AP's book has one crucial critic.
  • Were you listening?

    The jockey gave you plenty of warning, recommending Sprinter Sacre and Finians Rainbow after Christmas.
  • You never know who you might meet at these VIP functions.

  • A necessary pick-me-up.

    War Horse is a tear-jerker, you can't blame Ruby for wanting a good giggle at Hugh Grant afterwards.
  • High praise indeed.

  • Danish lager brewers don't do treble-winners at Cheltenham.

  • Geraghty here in the front, with fans.