Follow Friday: It's Shane McGrath

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WE ALL KNOW Shane McGrath as an All-Ireland winner with Tipperary.

But to cast him in such a two dimensional frame would be a great disservice to the man.

When you follow his Twitter account you get the sense of a guy who is upbeat about life.

in fact, the only things that seems to get him down are Manchester United and watching the Dubliners of a Saturday night.

McGrath’s a good follow, because he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

There are one-liners aplenty and some generally genius low-brow humour that makes you smile before you’re prudish adult brain takes over and orders you to force a groan. We love that stuff.

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So get following @shaneytweet now, and see what he gets up to before facing Galway in the National League.

Follow Friday: It's Shane McGrath
1 / 10
  • Andy Carroll is fast becoming an easy target.

    Shame the striker didn't feel the same way about the goal at the Kop end.
  • McGrath's answer to a happy meal.

  • The glamour of Saturday night fever in the McGrath house.

  • McGrath's philosophising has us tied up in knots.

  • It's a matter of pride.

  • McGrath pays tribute to a legend.

    While the sentiment is in the right place, a few of the vowels are not. There are a grand total of four links that match the hashtag #MohammadAli and one of them is a drunk chick in Vegas.
  • As a cost-saving exercise this is revolutionary.

  • Click your heels together, there's no place like home.

  • There's no humour like toilet humour.

  • McGrath gives Paudie a little Twitter 101.

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