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Off the record: 5 sports stories you may have missed this weekend

Did you know that Frankie Boyle is a big Donegal GAA fan?

UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN glued to the internet all weekend, there’s a chance that some weird and wonderful sporting tidbits might have slipped through the cracks. Here’s a run-down of some of our favourites…

#SECRET FAN As his 800,000+ followers will tell you, comedian Frankie Boyle says a lot of things on Twitter, most of which come across as a quite unashamed experiment in collective trolling.

Who knows how serious the Scot was being when he chipped in with some messages of support for the Donegal footballers as they set off to defend their Ulster SFC title against Down in Clones yesterday?

More importantly, Frankie, when are the lads getting their sheep?

#PROPOSAL You know who Michelle Jenneke is, right? The 19-year-old Australian hurdler became the internet’s newest sensation last week when footage of her bopping around like an athletic Jedward during her pre-race warm-up went viral.

But with internet fame come internet crazies sadly, and the web’s motley crew have already started their not-so-subtle pitches to Jenneke. This five-minute long proposal video may be a joke but we’re not sure, and that’s worrying enough in itself.

YouTube Credit: Greyhound17

#CADDY SHACK Everybody’s favourite Argentinian Carlos Tevez showed his face at Royal Lytham and St Anne’s yesterday to caddy for old buddy Andres Romero on the final day of the 2012 Open.

Rumours that Tevez was also supposed to caddy for the first three days but refused to get off the bench couldn’t be confirmed. (We stole this joke, we’re just not sure from where.)

(John Walton/EMPICS Sport)

#BIAS Not only did the Dublin footballers benefit from the first unofficial use of video technology in GAA yesterday but Wexford’s Redd Barry seems to have spotted a few other sly tricks at play en route to their seventh Leinster title in eight years.

All of Pat Gilroy’s 6.30am ballboy classes throughout the winter months are finally paying off.

#CALL ME MILEY Do modern athletes actually do anything other than lip-sync to pop videos and post the results on YouTube? It seems there’s a new tribute to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe pretty much every day, so credit to the USA’s Olympic women’s football team for at least going a tiny bit retro and miming Miley Ray Cyrus’s Party in the USA instead.

YouTube Credit: MrsGoing4gold