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# Innovation
Aussie hurdler Michelle Jenneke invents new sport of hallway hurdles
We’re not sure her neighbours will be too happy though.
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It's raining, so here's a clip of Michelle Jenneke falling over
She broke the hurdle. Broke it in two.
# Viral
Dancing hurdler Michelle Jenneke rehabs injury in very Michelle Jenneke way
The Aussie gets gold for self-promotion.
# Viral
Internet sensation and dancing hurdler Michelle Jenneke does her warm-up dance for the Swimsuit Issue
‘It’s a normal film!’
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18 people you (probably) hadn’t heard of this time last year
In fact, you might not still know some of them – or at least not know their names.
# Internet sensation
VIDEO: Learn how to dance like Michelle Jenneke
The Australian hurdler who went viral during the summer takes us through her pre-race moves. Think we’ll leave it to her.
# She's Back
GIF of Michelle Jenneke doing her warm-up dance in the rain might break the internet (again)
Another clip of the internet’s favourite Australian hurdler has started to go viral in the last 24 hours.
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Off the record: 5 sports stories you may have missed this weekend
Did you know that Frankie Boyle is a big Donegal GAA fan?
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The Evening Fix: Friday
Things we learned, loved and shared today.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because Thomas Vermaelen can imitate a Shaolin Kung Fu warrior if he wants
N.B. The above reference is not a joke.