PJ Gallagher with members of the Irish squad in Dublin yesterday. (c) Aidan Crawley Photography
Road Trip

Funny man Gallagher takes long road to Poland

PJ Gallagher will set off for Euro 2012 to give Irish fans a taste of life on the road to the finals.

PJ GALLAGHER IS no stranger to long road trips, it’s part and parcel of life as a working comedian.

However, his next road trip will be different.

On June 6, Gallagher sets off from Dublin, passing through the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany en route to Poznan for Ireland’s opening game of Euro 2012 against Croatia.

“I’m well used to long drives,” said the 37-year old comedian.

“This is a bit different than going from Dublin to Killarney though and, at one stage on the way to Berlin, we’ll be driving for nine hours straight.”

Despite his many offers, Gallagher doesn’t think he’ll get a chance to do much of the driving on the trip but that will given him more free time to interact with Irish fans.

“The goal is to find as many Irish fans as we can along the way. People will get enough analysis of the games but they don’t often here from the fan on the street.

“This way, we get to find out what drove them to get on a plane or boat and go to the games.

“There might even be a few of them that shouldn’t be here,” laughed the star of Naked Camera.

Gallagher will be producing a daily video blog during the trip and will have access to Irish players and managers.

“I’m a 37-year old man who gets starstruck at the thoughts of meeting 20-year old footballers.

“Hopefully they’ll have time for a quick chat at the end of training though.”

Gallagher might also be the answer to Ireland’s potential defensive crisis.

“If Trap’s looking for an aul’ lad with a dodgy shoulder and a wonky ankle, I’ve no problem stepping in. I’m not sure that’ll happen though.”

Asked if he thinks Ireland have a chance of winning the tournament, Gallagher was bullish.

“I don’t think I’d have agreed to take part in this trip if I didn’t think we could get through to the knockout stages. If Greece can win it, why can’t we?”

PJ Gallagher was speaking to at the launch of the Ford Republic of Football Road Trip to Poland. You can follow his updates here.