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Last month
November 2023
Number of women diagnosed with HIV doubles amid 68% increase in overall cases
The number of women being diagnosed with HIV in Ireland has doubled since 2019.
This year
Ivana Bacik: 'It is an injustice that children of same-sex couples are being denied rights'
The Labour leader introduced new legislation today to bring greater legal clarity to children of same-sex couples.
Last year
Consultation launched on scheme to disregard historic convictions of gay and bisexual men
The criminalisation of consensual sexual acts between men remained in place until 1993.
'I became a self-harmer, I didn’t want to be here frankly' - Kelly Holmes
The double Olympic champion says she suffered a breakdown in 2020.
Olympic champion Kelly Holmes ‘needed to do this now,’ announces she is gay
The 52-year-old revealed that she came out to her family and friends in 1997.
Scottish referees Craig Napier and Lloyd Wilson come out as gay
‘We need to see the climate change so that people do feel that they can be their true self.’
Blackpool forward Jake Daniels comes out as gay
The 17-year-old player told his story in an interview with Sky Sports.
All time
Campaigners call for changes to Ireland's restriction of blood donation by gay men
The Irish Blood Transfusion Service imported a supply of blood from the UK earlier this week.
'GHB is a killer, I know of eight men who died after taking it'
Concerns have also been raised about people being sexually assaulted while taking drugs such as GHB.
'Rectifying the historic wrong': LGBT advocates wanted sexual orientation included on the next Census
Scotland’s census will give individuals up to 21 options under this category including skolisexual and demiromantic.
One-quarter of men who use 'chemsex drugs' don't use them for purposes of sex
A new study examines chemsex in Ireland and parts of the UK.
'I feel like it's going to happen when it happens. We're in Ireland and it's very accepting of being gay'
Members of the Dublin Devils and PFAI general secretary Stephen McGuinness on the lack of LGBT representation in football.
Opinion: 'Children need to learn about LGBT issues in school - it will reassure them and combat fear'
Robin Stevens grew up in a generation were ‘gayness was erased’. Her books have shown her that young readers want to read about LGBTQ+ lives – and she wants to see more of this explored in schools.
Government to apologise for historical convictions of gay men
A motion before the Dáil this evening will acknowledge the harm caused by historical criminal laws.
Remarks between Taoiseach and US Vice President Mike Pence will be closed to the media
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said today that he would raise LGBT rights issues with the vice president.
Toronto police search gardens for more victims after landscaper charged with deaths of two men
Bruce McArthur, aged 66, was arrested earlier this month.
LGBT people in China pursuing marriages of convenience in order to disguise their real relationships
When Xiaoxiong and her lesbian lover wanted to hide their relationship from their parents, they decided to find men willing to marry them. Gay men.
Turkey bans all LGBTI events across Ankara province
Homosexuality has been legal since the creation of the modern Turkish republic in 1923.
'There's a constant fear we will be attacked, intimidated or called slurs'
Seven in 10 young LGBT+ people believe schools in Ireland are not safe places.
'We don't have any gays': Chechnya's leader strongly denies his country tortured and killed gay men
Ramzan Kadyrov has faced wide international criticism since reports of serious human rights abuses.
'Men subjected to these gay purges have endured a gruesome ordeal in Chechnya'
The Kremlin is said to be taking its investigation into the anti-gay “purge” seriously.
Two Indonesian men caned in front of jeering crowd for having sex
The pair received 83 strokes of the cane each after being found guilty of breaking sharia rules.
First openly lesbian bishop in US Methodist Church may lose her job
Bishop Karen Oliveto’s civil marriage to another woman violates church law that bars clergy who are “self-avowed practicing homosexuals”.
Leader of Liberal Democrats won't say if he thinks being gay is a sin
Tim Farron’s comments have been criticised by some, but others have defended him.
Explainer: What we know about the killing of gay men in Chechnya
As reports continue to emerge, Russia has said it does not have any confirmed information about violence against gay men in the region.
Gay men in Chechnya reportedly being sent to prison camps and killed
Human rights campaigners say people are being tortured and abused.
Russian paper says gay men are being arrested and killed in Chechnya
The Chechen president’s spokesperson denied the report, suggesting there are no gay people in the country.
'Just being effeminate was enough to convict you': New walking tours on Soho's gay history
Some 46,000 people were prosecuted for homosexuality between 1895 and 1967.
Gay priest marries long-term partner in 'beautiful' ceremony in Clare
Fr Bernard Lynch – who grew up in Ennis in the 1950s – became the first Catholic priest in the world to have a civil partnership in 2006.
Lifetime ban on gay men donating blood lifted
From today, a man who last had sex with another man more than 12 months ago will now be able to donate blood if he meets the other blood donor selection criteria.
'Being gay was portrayed as a scandal and shame': George Michael's journey to LGBT activist
He was outed by the press in 1998, and went on to become a major supporter of HIV campaigns
Journalist Una Mullally is the government's new youth LGBT czar
The activist will lead a group to develop a strategy for young LGBT people.
"We still have a long way to go" - does a stigma still apply to being gay in rural Ireland?
A new documentary, The Only Gay in the Village, explores the reality for gay people living in Ireland’s rural areas.
Uganda blames British colonialism for its anti-gay sex laws
It told the UN this week that it doesn’t tolerate such discrimination.
Chef appears in England court accused of drugging and murdering four young men
Stephen Port (41) had met the men through gay networking sites such as Grindr.
'Gay conversion' in China: Kidnapped, taken to hospital and fed with medication
One man, who is suing people for taking him to an institution, spoke about his experience.
Social media use at priest training college to be reviewed after 'gay culture' allegations
The procedures for handing whistleblowers will also be looked at.
16 hilarious tweets gay people in Dublin will relate to
“I must be flawless for Pride”.
Investigators have found 'no concrete evidence' that Orlando LGBT nightclub shooter was gay
Law enforcement officials have said they believe Mateen was radicalised at some point before the Pulse nightclub attack.
'We were walking through the flats and it came up in conversation. My Dad asked if I was gay'
I got really really angry with my family when they said they wouldn’t be voting in the marriage referendum, writes Patrick Dempsey.