It's Saturday, so here are our favourite George Hamilton quotes

Featuring “if that’s not offside, I’m a Chinaman” and several other gems.

I DON’T KNOW about you, but we here at consider RTÉ commentator George Hamilton to be a bit of a cult hero.

For years, he has been the voice of RTÉ’s soccer and (at times) rugby coverage, and has covered some of the most iconic moments in Ireland’s sporting history, perfectly encapsulating the nation’s excitement during moments of success (“a nation hold its breath” is the one we all remember), while also encompassing the odd wonderfully zany turn of phrase into his commentary.

With that in mind, below is a slideshow of some of his quirkier lines.

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It's Saturday, so here are our favourite George Hamilton quotes
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  • "Real Madrid are like a rabbit in the glare of the headlights in the face of Manchester United's attacks. But this rabbit comes with a suit of armour in the shape of two precious away goals."

  • "Glum Oranges. In fact I think the fruit their feelings are more akin to is a lemon."

  • "Kevin Moran.....oldest man on the pitch today...35 years of age.....of course the referee could possibly be older than that ......and technically he's on the pitch too.....then again his linesmen could be even older than him... but are they technically 'on' the pitch."

  • George: "Roy Carsley has it" Jim: "Lee Carsley, George" George: "Ah yes, perhaps it's because his head reminds me of Ray Wilkins"

  • "And Ireland have got to contain the brothers Baggio." Followed swiftly by: "The Baggio brothers, of course, are not related."

  • "The seeds of doubt that were sown at the weekend against Egypt have been doused by a dose of Jack Charlton's almighty weedkiller."

  • "If that's not offside, I'm a Chinaman!"

  • "You sir, are an idiot!"

  • "He's pulling him off. The Spanish manager is pulling his Captain off!"

  • "The flags are waving, and no doubt at the foot of the Alps, the cow bells are chiming too. And it's going to take a lot for Ireland to turn it round and sour the chocolate."

  • "They've really eked this one out. Like coal miners mining their seam until they finally reach the surface with their precious black gold."

  • "Moisander, with a name like a Scandanavian detective, may have solved the case for Ajax."

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