Mark J. Terrill/AP/Press Association Images Bear Grylls puts a little spice on his opening pitch

Great Balls of Fire! Bear Grylls throws some heat at L.A Dodgers game

The outback adventurer took pointless pyromania to a whole new level at a Major League Baseball clash

INTREPID DANGER HUNTER Bear Grylls was invited along to throw the first pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ home game and decided to show off.

Not to be outdone by the strike thrown by blind Iraq War veteran Jeremy Feldbusch at a recent San Francisco Giants match, Grylls pulled out all the stops at Dodger Stadium.

The ‘survivalist’ was announced to the crowd before the Dodgers home game against San Diego and knelt on the pitchers mound in preparation for his throw.

Grylls proceeded to withdraw a cigarette lighter from his jeans and set the baseball aflame. Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor watched in dull awe as the television presenter, and Persil frontman, lobbed the burning ball in his direction.

The highlight of the whole, bizarre affair must be the crowd’s half-hearted reaction to Gryll’s pyromania.

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