# Hard Times

This week
17th September 2023 - 23rd September 2023
'The fans can do whatever they want' - Pochettino on frustrations after Chelsea stalemate
Some Chelsea supporters appeared to boo Ben Chilwell at the end of their draw at Bournemouth.
All time
'At times I barely had money for the fuel... I sometimes had to sleep in the car'
Read an extract from Joe Barr’s ‘Going the Distance.
'No alternative' as Basketball Ireland cancel entire league season
However, no decision has been made over the 2020/21 Men’s National Cup.
‘I had to hand over my home... But I would walk up to Tallaght Stadium, and it would all be forgotten about’
The story of a die-hard Shamrock Rovers fan Mick McCarthy who got back ‘up the ladder’ again after a difficult period.
'Shipwreck without a coach' - Luis Enrique hammered by media after Barca's PSG thrashing
The beleaguered coach was involved in a fiery TV interview after the match.
Phil Hogan says the UK is 'going to learn a hard lesson' over Brexit
The Agriculture Commissioner said the UK can’t “have its cake and eat it” and dismissed Brexiteers’ “posturing and fancy talk”.
'The last week in 2013 was a tough one' - Gatland on Lions job
The Kiwi head coach is happy with the demanding 10-game schedule in New Zealand next year.
Man United stars banned from playing Pokemon Go on certain days
It is so far unclear how Jose Mourinho plans to enforce this rule.
Former Man United prodigy facing Lazio exile
The 23-year-old has played only 53 minutes in Serie A this season.
Former Liverpool and Leeds player declared bankrupt
The former Scotland international has spoken of his gambling problems in the past.
Everyone's talking about Sarah Harding's 'awkward miming' on ITV this morning
The former Girls Aloud star was accused of “miming like a drunk girl at a hen do.”
8 things men want women to know about erections
The soldier.
9 fascinating facts about erections you probably didn't know
Hard out here for a penis.
Almost 200 people have lost their homes to bankruptcy in just over a year
Prior to January 2014, only 10 family homes or Principal Private Residences were surrendered.
Westlife singer Shane Filan talks to Pat about how he ended up €23 million in debt
Filan was a high profile casualty of the economic crash.
These award-winning pics were taken by Irish amateur photographers
Which one is your favourite?
McDonald's has seen annual profits fall by 15% in the last year
The restaurant has today released its figures for the 2014 period.
Samsung has chips to thank for cushioning its mobile revenue slump*
*Not the tasty kind, mind you.
Brendan Rodgers: I'm the favourite to get sacked
The Liverpool manager guided his team to a second-placed finish in 2013-14 but has struggled this season, with the Reds currently 12th in the Premier League following a poor start
A British government minister quit because he couldn't make enough money to live in London
Mark Simmonds said he wants to focus on his family.
Mario Kart 8 wasn't enough to save Nintendo from a €72 million loss
Despite the popularity of the latest instalment of Mario Kart, Nintendo suffered a net loss of €72.3 million in the latest quarter.
Ever had a tough time getting a deposit back from a landlord? You're not alone...
It can be a frustrating process — and it looks like around two thirds of us have had some experience in the area…
O'Reilly fails to slow AIB's asset pursuit over €22 million debt
The one-time Heinz chairman has failed to slow down the banks pursuit of his assets.
Caroline Wozniacki reacts to her split from Rory McIlroy on Twitter
Cabaye pours more misery on Moyes as Man United suffer back-to-back defeats
Newcastle United won at Old Trafford for the first time since 1972 thanks to the French midfielder’s goal on 61 minutes.
How to identify someone who grew up without 'The Channels'
How many remember The Children’s Channel envy?
Life as a twenty-something: What people think versus reality
There are many differences.
All the ways the internet has ruined your life
Seriously, internet. Enough is enough.
8 of the worst moments from an average day in your life
Illustrated by terribly sad cats.
Four in ten see 'no future for themselves' in Ireland - survey
More than half of households are now struggling to pay basic bills, according to new figures from the Irish League of Credit Unions.
Former taoisigh lose mobile phone and secretarial expenses
From yesterday, former taoisigh are no longer entitled to claim expenses for secretarial work and mobile phones from the state.
Hard times: Sales in Dáil bars fell during 2009
Just as the economy began to bite, sales in the Dáil bar fell by just under 10 per cent. Not much Bass sold either…