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Have you been paying attention? Here’s’s quiz of the week

Pit your wits against 10 of the best from today’s question setter, Captain Quiz (no, not really).

TAKE FIVE AND enjoy’s quiz of the week. Have you been paying attention to the sports news this week?

There are no prizes — unless you count honour, glory and bragging rights as a suitable reward. Otherwise, it’s just for fun.

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1. #BUM NOTE West Brom footballer Liam Ridgewell apologised after he was pictured wiping his bum with what?

2. #SWIM STAR How many gold medals did Sycerika McMahon win at this year’s Irish Short Course Swimming Championships?

3. #RACE ROW Name the Crossmaglen footballer who alleged that he was racially abused during the Ulster Club SFC final?

4. #RWC2015 Which two Six Nations countries will Ireland play in the pool stages of the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

5. #COVER STORY Which American athlete was named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year 2012?

6. #TOP MAN Irish journalist David Walsh was named Journalist of the Year and Sports Journalist of the Year at the British Journalism Awards. Who is the only other man to win both awards?

7. #BAH HUMBUG Which Premier League club cancelled their Christmas party this week?

8. #NBA What career milestone did Kobe Bryant reach on Wednesday night?

9. #WHO SAID IT? “There’s always the big brother aspect, when the little brother tries to overtake the big brother.”

10. #ANAGRAM Lit Mini Chapel (6, 7)

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