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Heading needs to be 'phased out' of football, says ex-England captain Terry Butcher
The former centre-half feels the time has now come to move away from that aspect of the game.
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FAI to monitor effect of ban on heading at training introduced in Northern Ireland, England and Scotland
The guidelines are aimed at kids under 12 and will come into effect immediately.
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Scottish FA set to ban children from heading footballs
The new ruling for U12s could be in place in a matter of weeks, it has been reported today.
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Footballers more likely to get brain damage from blows to the head - study
The researchers looked at 14 retired players who had started playing and heading the ball in childhood or their early teens.
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Calls for FA to ban heading for under-10s
A new study from the University of Stirling found heading the activity could cause memory problems for 24 hours.
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On me 'ead! Nodding a football may cause brain damage, according to a new study
Scientists say there’s evidence of mental impairment cause by repeatedly heading the ball.