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Last year
Firefighters battle 'out of control' Tenerife wildfire that has burned through 5,500 acres
American and British scouts abandon jamboree in South Korea due to heatwave
Iran orders two-day holiday due to extreme temperatures
What impact will the European heatwave have on Irish supermarket shelves?
Larry Donnelly: Why is it that political will is lagging behind climate chaos?
Larry Donnelly
Resorts evacuated as blaze rages out of control on Greek island of Rhodes amid heatwave
Nasa climatologist says July likely to be hottest month on record
Firefighters across Europe rush to Greece as gruelling Mediterranean heatwave takes toll
'Like opening an oven': Irish people in European heatwave recount 'unrelenting' heat
‘Fundamentally unhealthy’: No, you wouldn't choose 40 degrees over a rainy day in Ireland
High temperature records set to be broken as much of Europe prepares for heatwave peak
Cerberus heatwave: Forest fires in Greece as temperatures reach new highs
Tens of millions battling dangerously high temperatures as record heatwaves sweep the world
Athens Acropolis closes at hottest hours as Greece hit with heatwave
Heatwave named after mythological monster brings scorching temperatures to southern Europe
Met Éireann: Ireland set to hit hottest June on record
People urged to stay indoors as Beijing and parts of northern China sizzles amid 40C heatwave
Spain swelters in ‘unbearable’ heatwave as drought drives up olive oil prices
Spain hit by unusually early heatwave as record-breaking temperatures expected
All time
Status Orange: Met Éireann upgrades thunderstorm warning for Ireland
Carlow hits 31.7 degrees to provisionally break Ireland's all-time August high temperature record
Puck Fair goat has been let down from its cage due to heatwave
Temperatures to stay in the 20s for most of this week ahead of possible heatwave
Greek firefighters continue to battle major wildfires amid heatwave
Number of casualties and houses destroyed in fires across London unknown
Ireland records hottest temperature in 135 years as Dublin hits a record 33°C
UK's Johnson went on country weekend instead of attending emergency heatwave briefing
Concerns raised for homeless population amid warnings of 'exceptionally' high temperatures next week
10,000 evacuated as wildfires ravage pine forests in south-west France
Britain facing record temperatures as public warned of widespread disruption
Portugal battles forest fires amid heatwave
Heatwave follows flooding in China as changing weather patterns wreak havoc
Europe heatwaves: Ireland unlikely to see 40+ degrees 'anytime soon', climate expert says
Firefighters battle wildfires as Europe is hit by heatwave
European countries prepare for blistering weekend heatwave
Spain sizzles in unseasonal heatwave for second time in two months
Temperatures start to ease in Spain after hitting unusual highs for May
Spain experiences extreme temperatures in early summer heatwave
Temperatures close to 50 degrees in Pakistan during major South-Asia heatwave
Early heatwave hits India and Pakistan as temperatures hit 45C causing rubbish dumps to burn