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Mid-week temperatures could reach 27 degrees, says Met Éireann
Warm, dry, sunny weather set to remain for the bank holiday (and beyond)
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Met Éireann says next week could see 'heatwave' conditions
Another sweltering day with high temperatures and thunderstorm warning
An 'uncomfortably' warm and humid night ahead with temperatures to stay above 17 degrees
Temperatures to reach as high as 26 degrees today as thundery, heavy rain also forecast
The UK could reach record-breaking temperatures today - but there's no heatwave here
Two dead in Spain as Europe wilts under record heatwave
Temperatures in Spain and Portugal could top 48 degrees
Met Eireann issues drought warning for entire country as heatwave continues
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Temperatures expected to reach up to 22 degrees all this week
Power cuts and fire bans as Sydney swelters in hottest temperatures since 1939
It's so hot in LA that they're coating the footpaths using a new 'cooling' paint
Highs of 27 degrees to start the week
It's official ... today was the hottest day of the year
Highs of 25 degrees today and tomorrow but rain coming for the weekend
Hot week ahead with temperatures set to reach the mid 20s
Close and humid week ahead with highs of 24 degrees today
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Today is going to be one of the hottest days of the year
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