Hunt defends Trap's style of play, takes pot shot at McAteer

The Wolves midfielder claims the Irish manager is getting the best out of the players at his disposal, while reminding fans that “Messi and Ronaldo don’t have Irish passports”.

Hunt made an impact coming on as a substitute against Estonia last week.
Hunt made an impact coming on as a substitute against Estonia last week.

STEPHEN HUNT CLAIMS there is nothing wrong with Ireland’s style of play amid their seemingly imminent Euro 2012 qualification.

The Wolves midfielder, who came on and earned the side a penalty in the first leg against Estonia and has been selected to start tomorrow, expressed annoyance at ex-players who criticised the team, calling them “bitter,” and telling reporters:

“I’ll never be bitter though. I’ll always be encouraging Ireland players to do well and not trying to hold on to their jobs by being bitter.”

Hunt was clearly irked by one individual in particular, while adding that Ireland fail to produce the type of players who can play attractive football:

“There has been no-one that good. (Jason) McAteer? Good player. Works hard. No Messi or Ronaldo. Talks like them, but no Messi or Ronaldo.”

And on the issue of Giovanni Trapattoni’s future with the Irish team, Hunt said he would “like him to stay and I’m sure all the players would too”.

Trapattoni has encountered criticism for his negative approach in recent months, but public opinion appears to have altered somewhat following the side’s convincing 4-0 win on Friday.

This change in opinion is evident in a today’s poll with 69% of people suggesting Trapattoni should be given a new contract, compared with only 24% expressing this viewpoint in a similar poll, prior to the Armenia game.

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