Interview: A quick word with the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt slowed to a quick trot so we could catch up for a chat about London, Manchester United and his three main rivals for gold.

Usain Bolt: aiming for more gold in London.
Usain Bolt: aiming for more gold in London.
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WITH THE OLYMPICS on the horizon, Usain Bolt slowed to a quick trot so we could catch up for a chat.

How are your preparations going for London?

Preparations are going well.  The hard off season training has been done and now we will speed up as we approach the start of the season.  The main aim for the early season races is to shake of the cobwebs, see where I am at and what we need to work on as we get closer to the Olympic Games.

Who is the biggest threat to your Olympic title? Gay, Blake, Powell or do you just focus on what you need to do to be victorious?

I never focus on one person as you could spend all your time watching one guy and someone else takes you by surprise.  I treat all my opponents with respect and see everyone as a threat.

Can you describe the feeling that went through your head after your disqualification in Daegu last summer? Do you feel like this has made you a little more cautious at the start line?

I was stunned as I don’t normally false start.  It has taught me to be myself more on the start line and relax.

Are you in any way tempted to test yourself in a different distance or happy to continue dominating these two distances for the foreseeable future?

For now the focus is on the 100m and 200m.  After the Olympic Games I will sit down with my coach and discuss the next four years in the build-up to the 2016 Olympic Games.

I know it’s a long way away but when you eventually hang up your running shoes and look back on your career, what do you think will be your proudest moment or is it yet to come? If you believe it is yet to come, what do you think is your proudest moment to date?

I have a lot of great memories so far and hope to have many more.  The race that always stands out is the World Junior Championships in Jamaica on 2002 — I was very nervous as it was in front of my own people but I won and that was a great achievement.

Away from the track for the next few questions, it is great to see you involved in charity work; Can you please tell me about the Usain Bolt Foundation and your involvement with the organisation?

I started the Usain Bolt Foundation to help children who are less fortunate.  We have worked with schools, community groups and even other Foundations to help enhance social, educational and cultural aspects of children’s lives.

When was the last time you ate at your Track and Records restaurant and what would you recommend from the menu?

What are they
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I ate there just last week. My favorite is Pork platter and Jerk Chicken Spring Roll.

Do you think Manchester United can win the league next season? Who is your favorite player

I think we will win it – we have the experience in the run in.  I am a big Rooney fan — on his day he is one of the best strikers in the world.

I believe you are a big hip-hop and R&B fan, but can you tell me more about the emergence of Jamaican Dance hall Music?? What song(s) motivate you to give it your all when working out/exercising

For me it is all about Vybz Kartel but I listen to a lot of different music these days – Jay Z, Ludicris, Drake…

After this summer’s Olympics, I am presuming you will take a few weeks off to hopefully bask in the glory of a successful summer for you. Where can you go to escape from the constant media attention or are you just used to it at this stage?

I am used to it but look forward to a nice holiday where I can relax.

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