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11 times Irish fans went above and beyond for the Euros

We don’t do things by halves.

1. This guy who ensured that the triclour bunting went up, no matter what the cost

cAxZ35B Source: Imgur

2. And the brave Irish folk who dared go against the norm

3. This entire house

4. And the Euros van with a full bar built into the back

13239276_1390818884277197_5367668919637368511_n Source: Facebook/The Back Page

13174191_1390818920943860_7636958662883553477_n Source: Facebook/The Back Page

Because of course.

5. This specially-brewed beer

All Night โ€˜Longโ€™. Geddit?

6. This text

7. This little supporter with his vintage gear

8. This bar in Letterkenny, which also got the paint cans out

13322185_1744770369104944_2704465922066315886_n Source: Facebook/Soccer Donegal

9. The Kildare man who wrote a whole song for the Irish team

Source: johnpaul25x/YouTube

10. These lads very safely waiting for the ferry

13434863_984423794945175_5719817538172268738_n Source: Facebook/Dublin Port Company

Tricolours on bonnet, doors, and wing mirrors? Check.

11. And these lads who did up an old caravan to take on the road

fuckschillachi Source: Facebook/Dara Flynn

F**k Schillachi indeed.

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Written by Valerie Loftus and posted on DailyEdge.ie

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