Football culture? We've got plenty... here's 13 things every Irish soccer fan knows...

‘A nation holds its breath’.

EAMON DUNPHY RECKONS that Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni doesn’t respect our footballing heritage. Let’s see what we’ve got.

This much we all know:

13. Jack’s lines in Put Em Under Pressure

‘We’ve got a team… we’ve got a team… we’ve got a team to beat.’

12. Like politics and religion, it’s not advisable to mention Saipan in mixed company

11. Charlie O’Leary was the best kitman in the world

Pic: INPHO/Patrick Bolger

And Mick Byrne could cure anything with his magic sponge

10. The cat is in the sack and/or box

Whatever that means.

9. This is how you say thanks in the Far East

God bless, Duffer.

8. George Hamilton’s speech before that peno

A nation holds its breath…

YouTube: nivolarama

7. That Kevin Moran & Quinner played for the Dubs and Shane Long for Tipp

Pic: INPHO/Billy Stickland

6. Some nights it’s okey-doke for Bill to wear a hat like this


5. And Dunphy to put this on

4. Andy Reid is a misunderstood genius

YouTube:  jgreencafc

What are they
really like?

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3. Pope John Paul II loved us…


2. That we all dream of a team of Gary Breens

Pic: Flikr

1. That we’re the best fans in the world.*

INPHO/James Crombie

Why? Just cos we say so.

*That’s right isn’t it? I read it somewhere, I’m sure.

What have we forgotten?

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