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Hello and welcome along to Part 2 of the European U21 championship play-off battle between the Republic of Ireland U21s and Israel.

After last week’s 1-1 draw in Tallaght Stadium, Jim Crawford’s side are in Tel Aviv this evening where they will be hoping to finish the job of booking a place in the finals of this competition for the first time-ever. The finals will be hosted by Romania and Georgia in June and July next summer.

We’ll have team line-ups and any late changes for you as we head towards the 6.15pm kick-off which is also live on RTÉ Player.

Two changes to the Ireland team that started the last day as Ross Tierney and Andy Lyons both come in.

Israel U21

Daniel Peretz; Ziv Morgan, Roy Herman, Gil Cohen, Doron Leidner; Noam Gil Melamud, Ido Shahar, Eden Karzev; Oscar Gloukh, Liel Abada, Idan Gorno.

Subs: Omer Niron, Karm Jaber, Osher Davida, Mohammad Kanaan, Itai Ben Shabat, Yoav Hofmeister, Zohar Zasno, Adir Levi, Hisham Layous.

Republic of Ireland U21

Brian Maher; Lee O’Connor, Joe Redmond, Jake O’Brien, Eiran Cashin, Andy Lyons; Will Smallbone, Joe Hodge; Conor Coventry; Ross Tierney; Aaron Connolly.

Subs: David Odumosu, Sean Roughan, Dawson Devoy, Finn Azaz, Oliver O’Neill, Tyreik Wright, Evan Ferguson, Mipo Odubeko, Festy Ebosele.

Hopefully, Ross Tierney can repeat this trick this evening.

The teams are preparing to make their way out onto the pitch now. It’s very warm in Tel Aviv this evening.

The anthems have been played and kick-off is now just moments away. Will this be a historic night for the Ireland U21s? Let us know your thoughts below.

3 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Israel going on the attack after making a bright opening, trying to cut the ball across the Irish penalty area and look for cracks in their defence.

5 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Ross Tierney wins a free for Ireland in their defence which gives the visitors a chance to clear the ball out and get a breather.

They build up some nice attacking play from the next move which ends in a throw to Israel after Conor Coventry loses his footing.

8 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Good tracking from Joe Hodge, and Tierney holds the ball up well out near midfield to bring the pace back down a bit and give Ireland a chance to work the ball around.

A terrific long ball from Will Smallbone finds Aaron Connolly in the Israel box but he gets muscled off the ball.

And from the next attack, the Ireland goalkeeper gets into a tight spot by leaving his box to contest for possession and handles the ball. Free-kick and yellow card follows.

10 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

It’s a good delivery but Joe Redmond gets his head on it to send the ball clear and away from danger. The pitch seems a bit slippy as an Israel player hits the turf.

Ido Shahar gets a shot off at the other end, but it’s rising all the time and floats over the bar.

13 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Tierney goes down after a heavy challenge from Shahar but the referee waves play on. A free out is then awarded from the next play to allow Ireland try and spend some time in Israel’s half of the field.

16 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Great chance for Ireland as Joe Hodge takes a shot from the edge of the box that just drifts over the bar. Some great play there to work the ball across the Israel penalty area and put Hodge in a position to threaten the goal.

The connection isn’t quite right but it looks like Ireland have come through that period of early pressure from the hosts.

17 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Connolly attempts to chase down a ball over the top but he gets knocked off his stride as Israel come forward again.

20 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Oscar Gloukh advances through the Irish cover but the defence does well to cut the ball away. Jim Crawford’s team are coping really well with Israel’s probing play.

24 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Roy Herman puts in a brilliant tackle on Andy Lyons to win the ball back for Israel and they quickly go on the counter attack that ends with a shot that sails over.

But they come knocking on the door again from the next attack as Oscar Gloukh tries to engineer an attack with a long ball into the box. Maher is quick off his line to gather the ball safely.

25 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Maher is down receiving treatment. He appeared to over-stretch himself after jumping on a loose ball.

27 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Maher is back up and ready to go again as he takes the kick-out. A throw-in comes to the feet of Tierney but he can’t weave his way around the defenders and Israel take back possession again.

29 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Great tackle from Smallbone to block a long-range effort. Israel eventually win a corner, which they take short.

They carry the ball back out and clip the ball into the box where Ireland boot the ball clear.

30 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Tierney chipping in with a good defensive play. Ireland are still coughing up nothing when Israel try to pick the lock, but they need to spend more time in the opposition’s half of the pitch. It will be hard to sustain that effort at the back in this heat.

34 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland


Brilliant hands from Maher to keep out a super shot from Liel Abada after he slipped in behind Eiran Cashin to drill the ball low. That’s a big moment in the midst of a period of heavy pressure from Israel.

36 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland


Another huge chance for Israel as Oscar Gloukh weaves his way through and releases a powerful shot from close range that just skims past the post. That’s another big let off for Ireland.

39 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Smallbone tries to link up with Connolly with a through ball but it’s cut out. Eden Karzev tries one from distance and his effort draws a huge reaction from the crowd as the ball flies out wide.

Ireland have a free-kick just inside the Israel defence which Smallbone will take. 

41 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Getting close to half-time now and Ireland will be glad of the break after a tough slog in the first half. Another high ball into Connolly, but again he’s outgunned and Israel are in control again.

42 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Brilliant from Tierney as he uses his body well to win the ball back and gets hauled down as he tries to break away. Smallbone steps up again, and this is an inviting position to work something.

44 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Nothing comes of it unfortunately, and Israel start working through their passes again.

44 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland


Coventry gets caught as Israel sneak through, but Liel Abada didn’t profit enough from the chance anyway as his shot is blocked well by Maher.

Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

That was a tough 45 minutes for Jim Crawford’s side but at the same time, they frustrated Israel enough that they couldn’t make any profits from their superiority in possession. 

Brian Maher has been exceptional in goal, while Ross Tierney is putting in a great shift.

It’s worth noting at this point that there’s no away goal rule, so the 1-1 draw from last week in Tallaght Stadium is the main scoreline on aggregate at the moment.

45 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

No changes for either side as Ireland win a corner in the opening minute.

47 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Cashin has the right idea as he leaps forward to try and get a flickering header on it. But it ends up being a free out.

Ireland come back down again and Connolly unleashes a really threatening shot in towards the bottom corner. There’s lots of power behind it but the ball just arcs out over the endline.

Much better from Ireland.

49 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Another fine save from Maher. Shahar spins past Smallbone and spreads the ball across to Gloukh who lets fly, but Maher gets down to keep his net clear.

53 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Tierney wins another free for Ireland to give Smallbone another opportunity to land the ball in the area and see what happens.

56 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Ireland plead for a handball but the referee doesn’t want to know. Cashin heads the ball into the box from that Smallbone free. The ball bounces into the path of Conor Coventry who takes a shot and the ball is blocked away.

57 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland


More heroics from Maher as he parries away a powerful strike from Abada. The rebound comes to Idan Gorno who only has to sweep the ball home into an empty net, and somehow sends it wide.

Another big reprieve for Ireland.

59 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Joe Hodge makes way for Dawson Devoy as Ireland make a change on the hour mark.

65 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Abada tries to break the deadlock again with a right-footed effort in the box, but Joe Redmond gets his body in front of it to block it away.

67 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Another nervy moment for Ireland as the ball trails off wide after a shot from Gloukh.

76 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Connolly misses again from a header. Ireland win it back and the ball comes to Connolly again in the next move but his shot is blocked.

78 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Gloukh and Abada have been a menace against Ireland, but again, they fail to find the target. Ireland are still fighting hard and it’s shaping up to be a case of whoever blinks first.

80 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Osher Davida puts Ireland under pressure again with some slick footwork. He forces a corner, which he also takes but he puts far too much on it and the ball sails off away from danger.

Into the final 10 minutes now as both sides go in search of a winner.

82 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Huge chance there for Andy lyons!

He doesn’t get the connection right though and another chance to break the deadlock drifts away.

84 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Another change for Ireland as Tyreik Wright comes on for Lyons. Abada has another chance at the Ireland goal but it’s only the side netting that swishes from his effort as they win a corner from the attack.

They make nothing of it though and they’re looking quite tired in the final few minutes.

86 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland


What a stop to keep out a brilliant strike from Finn Azaz. He’s been brilliant since he came off and he worked a fabulous one-two there with Smallbone before drilling a shot low on the half volley.

But credit to Daniel Peretz who reacts well to keep the effort out.

90 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Decisive piece of play from Wright to head the ball away for an Israel throw. Ireland win the ball back and Azaz wins a free in midfield as Connolly is looking like he needs treatment.

Four minutes of added time have been announced!

91 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Coventry wins a free after some brilliant dogged play in Israel’s half of the field.

93 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland

Israel come charging out on the counter and storm straight for the edge of the area but a super bit of defending from Lee O’Connor to snuff out the attack.

Devoy concedes a free from another Israel counter attack and we’re almost at the end of the additional time.

Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

On we go to extra-time as the second leg finishes scoreless after the 90 minutes. It’s also 1-1 on aggregate so we’ll need another 30 minutes to go about separating these sides.

93 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

Slow start to extra-time as Israel play the ball around. They managed to pick a hole but Wright does really well to get his body in front and cut the ball away.

97 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

Hisham Layous swivels across the Ireland box and swings a boot at it but he’s off balance as he takes the shot and it flies over the bar.

Big decision from the Israel to take off Oscar Gloukh who had been causing an awful lot of problems for Ireland.

103 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

A lot of tired bodies on the pitch, trying to keep going in that heat. Lovely pass from Smallbone finds Wright and it results in a throw-in for Ireland. Now it’s there turn to spray the ball around, but they get dispossessed and the move eventually ends in a goal kick for Ireland.

105 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

The game is down to a pedestrian pace now. Neither side is eager to commit forward as half-time approaches.

Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

Still no goals and the players are really struggling to find any juice left in their reserves. Another 15 minutes to follow.

105 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

Connolly and Smallbone are both off for Ireland. Evan Ferguson and Oliver O’Neill are in. Can either side find a winner or will we be going to penalties?

110 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

It looks like both sides are playing for penalties here. No major attacks unfolding from either end.

112 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

Israel chance there as Wright gets caught along the wing by Zohar Zasno. He cuts in through the penalty area but his slip pass across gets cleared immediately. 

118 mins: Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

Ireland backs to the wall as Israel find another gear. But they’re still holding firm whenever they advance, as Ferguson draws a free to give them a breather.

Israel 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

And so we go to spot-kicks! Who’s going to win it?

Penalty 1: Republic of Ireland (GOAL)

Conor Coventry gets us off the mark.

Penalty 2: Israel (GOAL)

Karzev equalises and makes it 1-1

Penalty 3: Ireland (MISS)

Heartbreak for Wright,

Penalty 4: Israel (GOAL)

Perez scores to push Israel 2-1 up.

Penalty 5: Ireland (MISS)

Ferguson fails to level it and Israel stay 2-1 ahead

Penalty 6: Israel (MISS)

Gil Cohen can’t press Israel’s advantage and it remains 2-1

Penalty 7: Ireland (MISS)

Dawson Devoy can’t hit the net either. Israel can win it from the next spot kick

Penalty 8: Israel (GOAL)

Osher Davida wins it on 3-1 for Israel

Israel v Ireland (Israel qualify after penalties)

What a horrible way for it to end. Ireland battled so hard right to the end but, after 120 minutes of football in hot conditions, they just couldn’t muster the strength to prevail after penalties.

Well that’s all from me folks. Stay tuned for the match report to come from Ciarán Kennedy, but until next time, good luck!

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