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'You can keep my belt, what I want is to whoop your ass': Aldo will refuse any fight other than McGregor
The Brazilian emerges from the shadows with some big conditions for his next fight.

JOSE ALDO LAST night took to Facebook to claim that he will turn down any UFC bout that is not a rematch with Conor McGregor

The Brazilian was famously knocked out by McGregor after just 13 seconds of the UFC 194 headliner on 12 December.

The manner of that defeat led most to believe a rematch would be on the cards, especially Aldo:

“I was quiet for a while, because I was waiting for my rematch. In fact, I was already training for it, based on how the fight went down,”Aldo wrote on his Facebook page.

“But apparently I was wrong.

“So I wanted to make something clear to the UFC: for everything that I’ve done, everything I’ve accepted, and mostly how the fight ended, I will not accept any other fight other than a title shot.”

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The 29-year-old immediately added an exception to his rule, a bout that he would accept even if a belt – ‘his belt’ – was not even on the line.

“My only exception would be fighting Conor McGregor. At any time, anywhere, and since he is scared and knows that I’m gonna win… it doesn’t even have to be title fight against him.

You can keep my belt. What I want is to whoop your ass. Again: any time, anywhere.

“Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, keep (your) word. I still believe in the company that I work for.”

McGregor has vowed to defend the featherweight title won from Aldo in December while also fighting for the lightweight belt currently held by Rafael dos Anjos. The Dubliner will fight dos Anjos for that title at UFC 197 on 5 March, so Aldo likely won’t get his dream rematch within six months of his first ever UFC defeat.

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