'Your time will come, baby': Aprés Match nailed the never-ending Dunphy v Cunningham rivalry

The RTÉ pundit parody is churning out some excellent work at this particular moment in time.

THINGS ARE SO much more interesting when Kenny Cunningham is on RTÉ’s World Cup punditry panel.

It’s not only that he constantly takes up a position at odds with the men to his left, but also because his fluid facial expressions are a window to the soul.

The Aprés Match crew pondered how Cunningham and Eamon Dunphy would treat a conversation that was much more mundane than football.

Here’s how it went.

Source: RTÉ Sport/YouTube

From Eamo’s ‘baby’ to Did on his phone, it’s all good, but Kenny’s face is still our favourite thing in this World Cup.

What are they
really like?

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