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Dublin's Kevin McManamon and 10 other great sporting super subs
The Dubliner is part of a prestigious list that also includes Roger Milla, Eamonn Taaffe and Stephen Donald.

1. Kevin McManamon — known for rescuing Dublin against Kerry

YouTube credit: VicMackey0

2. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer — known for intervening in the 1999 Champions League final, among other heroic acts

YouTube credit: JohnDC13

3. Victor Costello — known for coming on in the last 20 minutes of matches and very much making his presence felt

YouTube credit: Habi Aftabi

4. Patrick Kluivert — known for scoring the winning goal in the 1995 Champions League final

YouTube credit: 10KarimBenzema

5. David Trezeguet — known for winning Euro 2000

YouTube credit: RUSSIAOO71

6. Roger Milla — known for helping Cameroon work miracles in the 1990 World Cup at the ripe old age of 38

YouTube credit: shannes123

7. Dean Rock — known for trying to steal Kevin McManamon’s limelight

YouTube credit: Irish Flukey

8. Eamonn Taaffe — known for steering Clare towards 1995 All-Ireland glory

YouTube credit: hockeyhurlingshinty3

9. David Fairclough — known for scoring goals for Liverpool whenever he came on

YouTube credit: pud lah

10. Stephen Donald — known for helping New Zealand finally win the World Cup

YouTube credit: Kako Kappa

11. Alan McLoughlin — known for scoring the goal that got Ireland to the 1994 World Cup

YouTube credit: Chimpanzeethat

Who have we missed?

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