# Small parts
Lance in Dodgeball and 9 more of our favourite big screen cameos
Also featuring appearances from Eric Cantona, Mike Tyson and… Graham Geraghty in possibly the worst martial arts movie ever made.

1. Lance Armstrong – Dodgeball

YouTube credit: zawieszony1969

2. Eric Cantona – Looking For Eric

YouTube credit: puds13

3. Mike Tyson – The Hangover

YouTube credit: yesorno187

4. Ray Clemens – Kingpin

YouTube credit: Alex Robleto

5. Derek Jeter- The Other Guys

YouTube credit: Maxwellfulification

6. John McEnroe – Mr Deeds

YouTube credit: LivelyNightmare

7. Pele, Bobby Moore, Ossie Ardiles etc – Escape To Victory

YouTube credit: Azman Usmani

8. OJ Simpson – The Naked Gun

YouTube credit: Kevin Weel

9. Lawrence Taylor – The Waterboy

YouTube credit: kwagner99

10. Graham Geraghty – Fatal Deviation (skip to 8:20)

YouTube credit: jimmymagee77

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