Ireland was a scary place where Brian McFadden reigned supreme when the GAA lifted Rule 42

It was ten years ago today the GAA opened the doors of Croke Park.

ON 16 APRIL 2005, the GAA made an amendment to Rule 42 which allowed for soccer and rugby to be played at Croke Park while the old Lansdowne Road was undergoing redevelopment.

The motion was carried by 227 votes to 97 but what was life like all those (ten) years ago?

Matthew McConaughey’s Dirk Pitt character was a long way from Rust Cohle

Coincidently, the Hitchhker’s Guide to the Galaxy — with 42 being the answer to life the universe and everything — was soon to be number one at the box office

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All-Ireland football champions Tyrone must have been wrecked after playing ten games to claim Sam

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While Cork completed back-to-back triumphs in the hurling for the first time since 1977-78

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Roy Keane left the Ireland set-up for the second (and last) time as a player

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Source: INPHO/Morgan Treacy

This is what everyone was humming along to on their brand spanking new 80gb iPods

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But how this got to number one the same year is anyone’s guess

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‘Maybe in 50 or 100 years’ – Paraic Duffy says Croke Park renaming unlikely any time soon

Ulster turn to GAA, virtual reality and the NFL for marginal gains

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