end of season
In pics: Weary Irish Lions arrive back to hot and hectic Dublin Airport
Welcome home, you magnificent series winners.

Jamie Heaslip and Simon Zebo take in the waiting crowd

Sean O’Brien says goodbye to  his Lions luggage (until 2017)

After 36 hours of travelling, Brian O’Driscoll looked ready for his bed

But still stopped to sign autographs

TV3′s Sinead Kissane and RTE’s Jacqui Hurley escort BOD to the Aircoach

Kissane only scuppered by a clever blocking line

Slightly less demand for Rala

Jonathan Sexton welcomed one last media storm as a free man

Before being whisked away by his fiancé Laura Priestley in good time for Friday

All pics ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

No comment from O’Driscoll or Heaslip as Irish Lions welcomed home