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Breakfast with Lions: Sympathy for Quade and Sean's message for the haters out there
It’s not a proper tour until Simon Zebo sings. Time to get this thing going, so.

RELAX, THE TALKING is almost over.

Now, stop relaxing and get yourself pumped (and wide awake) for the first Test of this year’s Lions tour.

Brian O’Driscoll, Paul O’Connell, Jonathan Sexton and Jamie Heaslip carry the Irish interest among the amalgamated nations as Western Europe sits up and gets ready to see what plan Australia have come up with to bring a repeat of 2001.

On the Lions’ menu

15 chunky Wallabies.

The Lions come around but once every dozen years and the Australian rugby community (especially Robbie Deans) has an awful lot riding on this three-test series.

Many Aussies reckon they have witnessed the future thanks to the manner in which Jake White’s Brumbies withstood the tourists in mid-week. And while some believe the Lions to be more match-hardened, the Wallabies staff are not far removed from Super XV action and will be set to fly out of the traps come kick off this morning.

Quote from the camp

“Experience in big games counts for a lot. Australia have got world-class players and we’ve got world-class players,

“What you generally get when you come to an occasion like this is the performance level rises another 10-15 percent and the more experience that you’ve got (the better).

“It gives you great pleasure just to look around the team meeting this morning and just see who’s in the room and who’s going to battle with you.”

–Andy Farrell.

Pic of the Day

Sean Maitland has a message for all of you who think he’s undeserving of a place on the bench

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You’ve got to see this

Obviously, you were safely tucked up in bed nice and early last night to ensure you were at big-match tempo this morning. So this will be your first glimpse at Simon Zebo proving he’s more than just a half-decent lip-syncing rapper, he can actually sing too.

YouTube credit: lukemullan

Tweet of the day

With many players opting to maintain a low profile on the night before such a huge Test, humour was thin on the ground. Trust a bookmaker not too far from here to stir the pot.

What the Aussies say

“Make no mistake, the Lions would have studied sides who have upset Queensland over the last two years, and worked hard on ways to try and slow the ball down and upset Genia’s game. The Irish in camp will have pointers from the 2011 World Cup, too.

“The Wallabies will probably send more players to the breakdown than in the past to make sure they win that ball.”

Tim Honan of the Herald Sun.

BIL watch

He’s been caged up amid talk of unwanted glances from local wildlife. No doubt he’s chomping at the bit, ready and willing to be carried all the way down the tunnel and watch the hell out of the game from the sideline.

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