LM Otero/AP/Press Association Images Cuban basking in the Maverick's 2011 victory.
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Lockout prevents Mav’s owner from attending a street game
In one of the more curious incidents of the current NBA lockout, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was prevented from a attending Washington Heights street game that featured one of his players on Friday.

THE DALLAS MAVERICKS’ owner, Mark Cuban, made a very brief appearance at a Washington Heights street game that featured one of his franchise’s star players, Corey Brewer, on Friday.

According to ESPN’s Adry Torres, the owner of the current NBA champions arrived with a great deal of fanfare, shaking hands with fans lining the court and posing for pictures. Then, much to the bemusement of the assembled crowd, he was approached by security and escorted from the premises.

The event’s emcee subsequently explained that Cuban’s presence violated the terms of the lockout, under which NBA players and management are forbidden from having any contact.

Speaking after his expulsion, Cuban claimed he was pleased just to have attended the game:

“The atmosphere is phenomenal… I come out here to learn. It’s a great spot. I’ll be back.”

The object of the executive’s attention, star forward Corey Brewer, later responded to a question regarding Cuban’s attendance, saying:

“I saw him. We can’t talk but I seen him. He’s the man… It means a lot anytime you come out here to the park. It’s New York. This is were basketball is.”

Washington Heights’ Dyckman Park has played host to a number of the NBA’s top names over the last week, including including Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley.

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