# Mental Health

28th May 2024
Use of physical restraint among non-compliances identified at mental health centres
This week
26th May 2024 - 29th May 2024
Extra €10m for mental health services to include funding for new eating disorder team
Last week
19th May 2024 - 25th May 2024
'Ming' Flanagan on independents' popularity, his autism diagnosis and voters' move to the right
After nearly a decade in Brussels, Flanagan tells The Journal he can now see the merits of the European Parliament.
This month
May 2024
Children given 'inadequate or inappropriate' support by CAMHS 'because they were autistic'
Tens of thousands take part in Darkness Into Light
Last month
April 2024
Psychosis team in Cork sees significant decrease in number of people using drugs and alcohol
It’s hoped that the RISE model can be replicated by other psychosis teams around the country.
'I'm going through a lot of scary stuff': 11-year-old boy with psychosis and his parents plead for help
The young boy has struggled to access certain services despite the efforts of his parents and healthcare workers.
Children and adolescents with complex needs often struggle to get access to services due to confusion over which health team is best placed to intervene
During a recent episode, a young boy in Dublin attempted to take his own life
The boy's parents believe if their son had received early intervention years ago, his condition would not have deteriorated to this point
'Demons were following me': Call to make HHC illegal after users experience psychotic episodes
HHC, a semisynthetic cannabinoid derived from CBD, is widely available in Ireland.
There are growing concerns that HHC is triggering psychotic episodes in certain people
HHC vapes are widely available online, and in vape and CBD shops
"I was seeing and hearing things that weren't there. I was being followed around by demons," one man told us
March 2024
Opinion: Assisted dying – we should learn from what's happening in Canada
Seána Glennon
Life with an eating disorder: 'Don’t wait for rock bottom'
It could take over 60 years to set up enough early intervention psychosis teams, TD warns
Therapist: Motherhood is an emotional rollercoaster - go gently with yourself
Jade Lawless
Government grants yet another extension to Grace case inquiry
This year
'My son is not there anymore': How young people with psychosis are falling through the cracks
The earlier a person’s symptoms are treated, the better the outcome – but many people with psychosis or schizophrenia struggle to get access to care.
Karin Kenny believes her son Kielan's life would be very different if he had received early intervention for psychosis
He was previously in school but now needs full-time care and experiences weeks-long psychotic episodes
A new series by The Journal and Noteworthy will explore access to services for young people who experience psychosis
Niamh O'Reilly: I looked around the rage room I'd just trashed and had the urge to tidy up
Niamh O'Reilly
Interview: TD Gary Gannon opens up about mental health and his recent ADHD diagnosis
The Dublin Central TD said he is frustrated that others in Ireland are not able to access the same supports that have been available to him.
St John of God services to be transferred to HSE unless extra funding is granted
The SJOG board is due to meet today to discuss its €32.5 million deficit.
SJOG is one of the biggest providers of intellectual disability and mental health services in the country
Staff have been informed that, unless extra funding is received, the process of transferring services will begin
The board said they are "doing all in our power to prevent this eventuality" but are running out of options
Overhaul of mental health law which 'deprives people of liberty' may not happen before election
The long-awaited Mental Health Amendment Bill would bring about the largest overhaul of the State’s mental health laws in decades.
Mental Health Reform said the protracted delay in publishing the Mental Health Amendment Bill is "completely unacceptable"
The proposed legislation would strengthen regulation around people consenting to the type of treatment they receive
Fiona Anderson, a long-time activist, said patients like her need to have a greater say in their treatment
Youth mental health service 'largely non-existent' and discrimination rife, Committee hears
Thierry Henry opens up about battling depression throughout career
Last year
Therapist: Christmas is a time for giving – but not from an empty cup
Linda Breathnach
Concerns that children will struggle to be seen by Louth mental health service over Christmas
One local GP said they are concerned that young people experiencing mental health issues will be impacted over the holidays.
Journal Media wins two Headline Awards for excellence in mental health journalism
Journalists from The Journal and crowdfunded-investigative platform Northworthy won awards recognising their work covering mental health issues.
'We are being failed': Travellers protest at Dáil over mental health crisis in their community
‘Drained and stressed’ Ronnie O’Sullivan withdraws from Champion of Champions
'Very traumatised' refugees not getting mental health support, experts warn
Nobody under 18 has access to early intervention psychosis services
Lack of regulation in mental health sector 'wouldn't happen in any other walk of life'
Therapist: If we prioritise mental health as a society, we will reap the benefits
Séamus Sheedy
Over 1,000 calls made to Samaritans every day, up 10% on previous year
Parenting: 'We can't block technology for our kids - that ship has sailed'
Margaret Lynch
Opinion: Ireland relies heavily on the community and voluntary sector - it is at breaking point
Ivan Cooper
My life with ADHD: 'I'm so grateful for the diagnosis, I now have a user guide to myself'
Louisa Ní Éideáin
Education Minister pushes back against idea of 'Dublin allowance' for teachers
Parenting: 'I've realised that to raise resilient kids I need to practice what I preach'
Margaret Lynch
More homeless people in Irish psychiatric wards each year, despite admissions dropping overall
One in four primary school children report being cyber-bullied in the past year
Stephen Donnelly: We need to get ‘very serious’ about smartphones in schools
Child who was 'depressed anxious and suicidal' had to wait a year for mental health appointment
Therapist: It's been a summer of tragedy and loss for many young people
Monica Jackman