# Migration

Last week
2nd June 2024 - 8th June 2024
SF has slumped in the polls - we spoke to grassroots members about what needs to change
Sinn Féin may yet make major gains at the polls this week, but its grassroots say the leadership isn’t listening on major issues.
Airline fine for carrying passenger without valid travel document to rise to €5,000
Sinn Féin not seeking to outsource processing of asylum seeker applications to other countries
Last month
May 2024
Debunked: High Court did not rule that ‘illegal immigrants should be paid €318 per week’
Far-right candidates will 'get a shock' come election count day, says O'Gorman
1,000 asylum seekers to be accommodated at Thornton Hall by the end of June
Taoiseach indicates asylum seeker tents to be cleared from Dublin's Grand Canal this week
Modular and prefab units to be used to house asylum seekers on Thornton Hall site
Ukrainians in hotels paying for hot meals won't have to do so if payments are reduced
The Ukraine Civil Society Forum says some 13,000 children could be pushed into poverty.
'Work underway' as goverment moves to use Thornton Hall site for asylum seeker accommodation
Taoiseach says plans to cut social welfare rates of some Ukrainian refugees is 'sensible'
It will not apply to Ukrainians living in pledged accommodation.
12-week lead-in time for streamlining of Ukrainian social welfare payments.
Review of benefits for international protection applicants to be completed within six weeks.
Court rules that UK law on sending asylum seekers to Rwanda should be disapplied in Northern Ireland
Fianna Fáil European election rivals Blaney and Cowen in spat over border checks
Opinion: Our media and government forget about Ireland's history when they talk about refugees
Leon Diop
Sunak says UK Govt seeking 'urgent clarification' that no Garda checkpoints will be along NI border
McEntee says commentary in Dáil is 'feeding blatant racism' as she defends Migration Pact
From private Facebook groups to a clash with gardaí: Inside the Newtownmountkennedy standoff
The Journal visited Newtownmountkennedy in recent days to speak to locals and organisers, after the protests reached fever pitch last Thursday night.
The Journal's reporter Eoghan Dalton also spoke on-the-record and at length with two supporters of the protest.
Plus, Stephen McDermott examines the social media posts used to gather support for the ongoing demonstration.
April 2024
Cabinet approves emergency legislation to enable return of asylum seekers to UK
Gardaí ‘released from desk jobs’ to work on immigration enforcement won't 'police the border'
'We owe Ireland nothing!': UK media lapping up Ireland's migration troubles
Builders confronted by anti-immigration protesters 'in shock' after 'intimidating' incident at Aughrim hotel
Construction workers at the site in Aughrim in Co Wicklow were told to “pack up and get the f**k out”.
Cross border migration row: How did Ireland-UK relations break down over asylum seekers?
And what’s the evidence for Helen McEntee’s claim that 80% of of asylum seekers crossed the border? Here’s what we know.
Mary Lou McDonald defends Sinn Féin's stance on 'open borders' following criticism
‘Too early’ to judge if Rwanda plan is causing influx of cross-border migration, says UK Government
Taoiseach: Comments from Sinn Féin about open borders 'should cause concern'
McEntee says over 80% of people seeking asylum entered the country through the northern border
Harris expects details on locations of promised asylum reception centres 'in the coming weeks'
How women are treated during pregnancy and when they complain 'isn't good enough', says junior minister
Minister of State for European Affairs says ambitious women are often portrayed as a bad thing.
Minister of State Jennifer Carrroll MacNeill, who has previously spoken about her own experiences with miscarriage, said she found Dáil abortion debate this week 'difficult'
Harris says Ukrainians leaving state accommodation will free up space for other asylum seekers
Opinion: We and other NGOs are saying no to the EU's migration pact
Jim Clarken
Bring an end to tent encampments and deport asylum seekers that commit crime - FF migration report
Harris says Ireland will comply fully with Migration Pact, including setting up reception centres
The European Parliament yesterday voted to adopt the Migration and Asylum Pact yesterday.
This year
Varadkar: Ireland can't guarantee accommodation to asylum seekers entering via 'safe countries'
Taoiseach: 'St Patrick was a migrant to Ireland - a single, male, undocumented one'
Varadkar says plan to process irregular migrants outside EU won't dramatically decrease arrivals
Debunked: Galway Beo did not report that an old Eircom building would house 900 male migrants
'Campaign of arson' on properties linked to asylum seekers is 'unprecedented', says Tánaiste
'A campaign of far-right terrorism': Murphy lambastes Govt over response to arson attacks
Govt parties intent on 'getting the facts out' around immigration heading into local elections
Algeria and Botswana to be added to 'safe countries' list from today