Cricket fan wins €3,000 for making this sliding one-handed catch in his bare feet

His brother-in-law put it up, and he snagged the big catch.

Source: NZAUTV Cricket/YouTube via @IrelandCricket

A CRICKET FAN in New Zealand pulled off a spectacular catch in the crowd — and won a €3,000 payday.

Despite being in his bare feet and slipping as he raced down the bank, Andrew McCullouch somehow managed to snag this dropping ball.

The incident happened at Tuesday’s T20 match between Otago and Wellington, with local media reporting that McCullouch is in fact the brother-in-law of the batsman who hit the monster six, Michael Bracewell.

A delighted McCullouch claimed the NZ$5,000 on offer for anyone in the crowd who made a boundary catch. That’s what you call good hustle.

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– First published 10.07

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