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This 1500m runner lost his footwear mid-race and still won
Justyn Knight has no need for your symmetry.

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“I KNEW I didn’t wanna come second without a shoe…”

The immortal words of Canada’s next big track star Justyn Knight of New York’s Syracuse University.

The 18-year-old middle distance runner lost his right spike mid-way through a weekend 1,500 Atlantic Coast Conference race, but powered through unbalanced to win by six-hundredths of a second.

His stride is pretty much unaffected.


“I went to the front, someone took off my shoe by accident,” Knight said in a report on Syracuse’s own YouTube channel, “and then I just had to fight for the rest of it, and I was able to close strong.”

“It was tough because I didn’t have any grip, but I knew I didn’t wanna come second without a shoe, so I had to come first.”

Watch it from the 0.47 second mark here.

Syracuse Orange / YouTube

- Scott Davis

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