A political low blow: Bolivian president knees rival in groin

Watch as Evo Morales knees a rival politician during heated parliamentary derby.

Image: AP Photo/Juan Karita

BOLIVIAN PRESIDENT EVO Morales took himself out of the parliament at the weekend for a football match against a La Paz team made up of political rivals, but the match turned sour when he kneed a rival in the groin.

Morales, a keen footballer, kneed an opponent after he tackled one of Morales’ teammates. The referee sent off two players, but Morales was allowed to continue playing.

In an event meant to celebrate the opening of a new football ground in the capital La Paz, the ruling Movement Towards Socialism (Mas) party played against the Movement Without Fear (MSM), who were led by La Paz mayor Luis Revila.

Daniel Gustavo Cartagena was the unlucky opposition politician who got the brunt of Morales’ anger, but the president later accused Cartagena of striking first.

“I passed the ball and, suddenly, I got hit, and not for the first time.”

Cartagena and one of the president’s bodyguards were among four players sent off, and Morales picked up an injury to his leg. Reports said that an attempt was made to arrest Cartagena at the end of the match.

Fifty-year old Morales broke his nose during a football match in 2006 after being fouled by a goalkeeper.

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Watch the kick below (from about 0.36 in)

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