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9 on-screen partnerships less volatile than Keane and O'Neill

It’ll all end in tears, they say.

WHILE MANY HAVE greeted the appointment of Roy Keane and Martin O’Neill as the jolt of energy Irish football needs, others feel it could end up tearing the nation apart all over again.

The old good cop, bad cop routine (or whatever Marty calls it) has its merits; sometimes it all works out and we all end up loving each other a little more, but sometimes the partnership is cut short by violent bloodshed.

Here are nine parables that Keane and O’Neill should think about before laying out the cones in Malahide.

Riggs and Murtaugh

The old pro and the young maverick who doesn’t really look before he leaps. Yep, Lethal Weapon had this story down before Roy ‘Riggs’ Keane even went pro.

As long as Martin O’Neill checks the toilet for explosives he should be fine.

imageImage: Warner Brothers movie poster.

Chris Moltisanti and Paulie Gualtieri

The age profiles probably don’t fit, but The Sopranos brought us a proper love/hate relationship with two men trying to make their way in Tony Soprano’s world.

They could be at each other’s throats one minute, but try to come between them and POW!

YouTube credit: dima9944

Our young protagonist should be wary of taking on any long drives down to Waterford with John Delaney.

Henry Hill and Tommy de Vito

As far back as Martin O’Neill can remember, he always wanted to be an international football manager.

‘Roy, you’re a funny guy…’

imageMajor hat-tip to Colm Tobin who pointed out this comparison yesterday.  YouTube screengrab

Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter

A clash of cultures? Maybe not, but the constant grating of styles can only have hilarious results.

imageTammie Arroyo/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Kenan and Kel


Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg

Not the most fictional pairing on this list admittedly, but the Social Network movie portrayed Zuckerberg as a ruthless genius while Saverin tried to keep everybody on side. We’re definitely headed to the World Cup with these boys in charge.

imageYouTube screengrab

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

The chemistry must be respected.


Pinky and the Brain

One mouse is intent on world domination and won’t accept second place, the other is Martin O’Neill.

imageCredit: QuickMeme

Turner and Hooch

They may have gotten off on the wrong foot after Hooch’s old partner was brutally slain down by the docks. However, they soon learn to adapt to each other’s needs and methods and eventually dovetail together perfectly to bring justice all over European football.

Sorry, we may have mixed a metaphor there somewhere.

imageYouTube screengrab

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