# Ring Walk
Open thread: what would your entrance music be if you were a boxer?
Jump Around is banned.

WE LIKE TO think we get to the the heart of sport’s important questions, around here.

So — after a week arguing in the office — tell us what would your entrance music be if you were a professional boxer?

Naseem Hamed was a hot-stepper…

YouTube: dadominate

Steve Collins  – the Celtic Warrior — walked into meet Eubank to the Rocky theme.

Homer ‘The Southern Dandy’ Simpson went for Why Can’t We Be Friends for his ring walk:

YouTube: studioonestudios

Other suggestions around the office? Talking Heads: Psycho Killer, The theme tune to Murder She Wrote and Black Beauty as well as Shoot The Runner by Kasabian. While one weirdo thinks Where Do You Go by the long-forgotten No Mercy would psyche out his opponents:

YouTube :justinuke

Surely you can do better than that lot?

Time Magazine’s take on Oscar Pistorius: ‘Man, Superman, Gunman’

What music is Rory McIlroy listening to on his pricey new Bose headphones?

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