# Organ Donation

This month
June 2024
'Put it in the family WhatsApp group: 'If the worst happens, I want to donate my organs''
This year
Legislation allowing for soft opt-out organ donation to be passed by Dáil and Seanad today
Last year
The percentage of deceased patients becoming organ donors has fallen
'For all of my 20s I've been on dialysis, so I'd just take anything at this stage'
Legislation allowing for soft opt-out organ donation to be debated in Dáil
All time
250 organ transplants took place in Ireland this year
Soft opt-out organ donation on the way as delayed Bill finally sees movement
'It's very worrying': Frustration as Dáil term ends without action on opt-out organ donation
'People are thinking of her every day': How organ donation was a 'huge solace' for one Mayo family
Over 200 organ transplants carried out despite 'extremely challenging' year for service
'It's a huge comfort our daughter saved someone else's life': 190 organ transplants carried out this year
'It gave me back my life': Transplant patient urges people to talk to their families about organ donation wishes
'It doesn't have to be a morbid conversation': Mother of infant organ donor makes public appeal
Record number of lung transplants carried out in Ireland this year, new figures show
Opt-out organ donation plan accused of 'misleading the public'
'I'm doing this in honour of my donor': Woman who received life-saving kidney transplant taking on 5k race
Harris to bring in opt-out organ donation system, but law means families will have the final say
'I got a new life because of their loved one': Organ recipients tell their stories as Organ Donor Awareness Week launches
'I was studying to be a fitness coach when I needed a double lung transplant'
'I got one lung, the girl got the other lung and the boy got the heart - but I'm the only survivor'
Organ donors who are stay at home parents may get their childcare expenses reimbursed
More than 5,000 requests for organ donor cards since Orla Tinsley documentary
Remember Myles? A kidney transplant has changed his life
Michael has had three transplants and is helping other patients come to terms with kidney failure
'People have clearly been inspired': There have been 1,400 organ donor cards requested in the past fortnight
'The most selfless gift': A record number of organ donations were carried out in 2017
'I have shiny new lungs' -Irish Cystic Fibrosis activist gets double lung transplant
'I looked death in the eyes and didn't like what I saw so I came back': Double lung transplant patient running the New York marathon
Harris wants to bring in opt-out organ donation system next year
Poll: Would you opt out of a system for organ donation?
Meet the people who are on-call 24-7 to make sure organ transplants happen
'A woman has our daughter's lungs and four boys have the rest of her organs'
'You can’t take your organs with you': Harris to bring in opt-out system next year
'He was given a beyond poor chance of survival - now he urgently needs a kidney'
'A part of me is with him!': Wexford father donates kidney to ailing son
'I feel more alive and can think clearly': Seven members of Donegal family undergo kidney transplants
'After the transplant, I looked in the mirror and my eyes weren’t yellow anymore, they were white'
'Helen didn’t have a peaceful death, she wanted to live so much'
'A profound act of kindness': Doctor donates kidney to colleague
Tributes paid after young Dublin boy dies while waiting for heart transplant