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This month
May 2023
# Pakistan
Thousands protest at Pakistan’s Supreme Court over release of Imran Khan
Buses and vehicles filled with Pakistani government supporters arrived in Islamabad to protest the former prime minister’s release from custody.
# Pakistan
Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan granted bail after unlawful arrest
Khan’s arrest earlier this week sparked deadly clashes before being declared illegal.
# Protests
Pakistan’s Supreme Court orders release of former PM Imran Khan
Supporters of the ex-cricketer were seen dancing near the court building to celebrate his release.
# Pakistan
Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan remanded in custody as violent protests over arrest continue
Khan was arrested during a routine hearing in the capital Islamabad yesterday.
# Pakistan
Large public gatherings banned in Pakistan after former PM Imran Khan arrested
Khan’s political party urged supporters to protest but police warned that an order prohibiting gatherings would be strictly enforced.
# Pakistan
Man lynched for 'blasphemy' in Pakistan after rally for former PM's political party
Blasphemy is a hugely sensitive issue in Muslim-majority Pakistan, where even unproven allegations can stir mobs and violence.
Last month
April 2023
# Stampede
Pakistani police arrest eight people after 12 killed in Ramadan food stampede
Hundreds of women and children had rushed to collect free food and cash outside a factory in Karachi.
March 2023
# Pakistan
Government sends €10m to combat hunger and gender based violence in wake of Pakistani floods
The aid is destined to help hundreds of villages still cut off following the disaster said to have been caused by climate affected monsoons.
# Lahore
Pakistani court grants ex-prime minister Imran Khan protection from arrest
Khan has become embroiled in over 100 legal cases against him since he was ousted through a confidence vote last April.
# Earthquake
At least 11 people killed as strong earthquake rattles Afghanistan and Pakistan
The powerful tremors sent many people fleeing their homes and offices in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad.
# 6.5 magnitude
Strong quake causes people to flee their homes in Afghanistan and Pakistan
The region is frequently hit by earthquakes – especially in the Hindu Kush mountain range.
# Imran Khan
Former prime minister of Pakistan charged with terrorism
The move came after the ousted politician’s followers clashed with security forces in Islamabad yesterday.
# Lahore
Clashes continue for second day in Pakistan as police try to arrest former PM Imran Khan
Officers had been trying to arrest the former prime minister for failing to appear in court on corruption charges.
This year
# Wikipedia
Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif orders lifting of country’s ban on Wikipedia
The country’s media regulator had blocked the website last week over fears it hurt the sentiments of Muslims.
# Pakistan
Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf dies aged 79
The general became president through the last of a string of military coups in Pakistan.
# Peshawar
Blast at Pakistan mosque kills at least 80 people and injures 150 others
The attack happened during afternoon worship in the provincial capital of Peshawar.
# Pakistan
At least 51 killed in Pakistan transport tragedies, as boat full of children capsizes
The latest transport tragedy in the country has left ten students confirmed dead, while up to nine are still missing in the waters.
# Secretary of State
Former Trump official says the US stopped a nuclear war between India and Pakistan in 2019
Mike Pompeo’s new book also reveals that he joked that he was trying to kill Kim Jong Un at a meeting with the North Korean leader.
# Climate Change
Pakistan flood recovery needs 'massive' investment, says UN leader
Pakistan’s Prime Minister told the conference his country was ‘racing against time’ to deal with the consequences of last year’s flooding.
Last year
# Pakistan
Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan says march to capital will continue after he was shot in the leg
Khan’s march on the capital was suspended after a gunman opened fire.
# Pakistan
Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan claims country's current PM was part of assassination plot
The attack on Khan’s convoy yesterday killed one man and wounded at least 10.
# Pakistan
Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan in stable condition after 'assassination attempt'
He was shot in the foot today at a political rally.
# malala
Malala visits Pakistan on 10th anniversary of Taliban shooting
It’s only the second time the 25 year old has returned to her home country since she was shot in 2012.
# Pakistan
Court orders charges against ex-Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan to be dropped
The terrorism charges followed a speech Imran Khan gave in the capital Islamabad.
# Flooding
UN chief has 'never seen climate carnage' like Pakistan floods
Nearly 1,400 people have died in flooding that has wiped out crops and destroyed homes, businesses, roads and bridges.
# Climate Change
UN chief Guterres slams climate change 'insanity' during visit to flood-hit Pakistan
Nearly 1,400 people have died in flooding that covers a third of the country
# Pakistan
Pakistan’s ex-prime minister Imran Khan refuses to apologise in contempt case
Khan served as the country’s leader for more than three-and-a-half years.
# Islamabad
Ireland to open Embassy in Pakistan alongside Consulate Generals in Milan and Munich
It’s part of the Global Ireland programme which aims to ‘double Ireland’s global footprint by 2025′.
# Humanitarian Crisis
Malnutrition and disease after Pakistan flood will get worse says UN
Mortality among newborn babies and severe acute malnutrition are at risk of increasing due to disruption of services.
# catastrophe
Pakistan calls for 'immense humanitarian response' as flooding leaves 1,265 dead
Multiple officials and experts have blamed the unusual monsoon rains and flooding on climate change.
# Relief
More aid reaches Pakistan as deaths from floods cross 1,200 mark
More than three million people are said to have been affected by the disaster.
# Relief
'A monsoon on steroids': UN appeals for €160 million to help worst hit in Pakistan floods
Tens of millions of people have been affected by relentless monsoon rains.
# monsoon season
'One third of Pakistan is under water': Tens of millions battle floods as 1,136 confirmed dead
The seasonal flooding has impacted over 33 million people.
# Flash Flooding
Death toll from Pakistan flash floods surpasses 1,000
The deadly monsoon season has been called a “serious climate catastrophe”.
# monsoon rains
Pakistan orders thousands to evacuate near flood-swollen rivers as death toll nears 1,000
Officials say this year’s monsoon flooding has affected more than 33 million people, destroying or badly damaging nearly a million homes.
# Imran Khan
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan charged with terrorism offences
Opposition leaders supporting Khan said that authorities would cross a “red line” if they arrested the former Prime Minister.
Two Pakistan boxers missing in Britain after Commonwealth Games
Suleman Baloch and Nazeerullah Khan failed to show up for the team’s scheduled departure.
# deluge
Monsoon rain and flooding kills 140 people in a week in Pakistan
The fatalities raised the overall death toll from rain-related incidents since June to 478 in Pakistan.
# Climate Change
Temperatures close to 50 degrees in Pakistan during major South-Asia heatwave
“It’s like fire burning all around,” said labourer Shafi Mohammad, who is from a village where residents struggle to find drinking water.
# In the heat of it
Persistent heatwave in India and Pakistan highlights climate crisis devastation
The extended hot and dry weather has consequences for water shortages, energy supply, and air quality.