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7 of our favourite Pat Kenny sporting moments on RTÉ
And the time he met the Leinster rugby team at the airport.

7. Grand Slam Heroes

The Irish rugby lads – BOD, Paulie, Best and Kidney – chatted with Pat on The Late Late Show after winning the Grand Slam in 2009.

YouTube: songs4polarbear

YouTube: songs4polarbear

6. Apres Match 1

A classic sketch from back in 2002 as Risteard Cooper features as Pat on The Late Late Show.

YouTube: APintTurtle

5. Apres Match 2

And here’s one from 2006 as Pat demonstrates his encyclopaedic soccer knowledge.

YouTube: APintTurtle

4. Gavin Henson

That RTE Radio 1 clip when Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson cropped up in conversation.

YouTube: Martin Murray

3. Roy Keane

Back in May 2009, Roy sat down with Pat on The Late Late Show. His ‘disagreement’ with Alex Ferguson  was one of the topics touched upon.

YouTube: Jim Mohan

YouTube: Jim Mohan

2. Jack Charlton and his mother

Blast from the past here from Christmas 1988 on Kenny Live as Jack sat down with Pat after a momentous year for Irish soccer when they featured in Euro 88.

Jack’s mother Cissie was on hand as well to tell the nation about her boy.

YouTube: JackCharltonTribute

1. Father Ted

Ted and Dougal pay tribute on Kenny Live to Jack Charlton after his retirement as Irish soccer manager.

YouTube: tony713elo

And when Pat met the Leinster rugby team

This isn’t from RTE, but we couldn’t resist including Pat’s encounter with the Leinster rugby team after their Heineken Cup final win against Northampton in 2011.

YouTube: jmcgjmcg1

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