YouTube screengrab Paul MacLean (front) and his lookalike.
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Hockey coach is stalked by uncanny lookalike with impressive moustache
They love a lip-warmer in Canada.

OTTAWA SENATORS COACH Paul MacLean watched his team beat the Florida Panthers 4-0 last night and had a lookalike to keep him company.

MacLean, owner of an impressive lip-tickler moustache, was prowling the bench throughout his team’s second game of a strike-shortened NHL season when a dead-ringer took his seat nearby.

The coach did a double-take as he caught sight of the ice hockey supporter with an uncanny resemblance to him, right down to the glasses and moustache.

MacLean joked to a TSN reporter after the game that he thought he has witnessed an apparition of his dear, departed grandfather when he first spotted the lookalike.

He remarked, “I hope he gets as much help as I get around town.”

YouTube credit: Loffen NYR

MacLean could be seen shaking his head in a mix of bemusement and amusement during the game as the supporter mimicked his actions whenever the pair were caught together on the big screen.

Also speaking post-match, Senators player Kyle Turris, who scored two goals in the win, said, “It was hard not to laugh about that one.”

The two men also look a lot like Wilford ‘granddad from Cocoon’ Brinley.

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