21 of the best pictures to sum up the 2009-11 Kilkenny-Tipp trilogy

The two counties have had a fascinating rivalry over the years.


Tipp fans were expectant prior to the game, with plans to spoil Kilkenny’s four-in-a-row party and win a first title themselves in almost a decade.

A sign on the N75 road coming out of Thurles Source: Donall Farmer/INPHO

Tipp were hunting in packs early on, but Kilkenny were always doing enough to stay in the game.

Shane McGrath and Michael Rice Source: Billy Stickland/INPHO

This was the last All-Ireland final that we seen players without the now mandatory helmet.

Michael Kavanagh and Eoin Kelly Source: Lorraine O'Sullivan/INPHO

A questionable penalty was awarded by the referee to the fury of Brendan Cummins.

Brendan Cummins appeals to referee diarmuid Kirwan as he awards a penalty to Kilkenny Source: Lorraine O'Sullivan/INPHO

Henry Shefflin did not need to be asked twice from the spot.

Conor O'Mahony, Brendan Cummins and Padraic Maher fail to stop the Henry Shefflin first goal from a penalty Source: Billy Stickland/INPHO

Tipperary’s Benny Dunne is sent off by referee Diarmuid Kirwan

inpho_00391958 Source: Donall Farmer/INPHO

And Kilkenny fans go wild at the whistle.

inpho_00391996 Source: Billy Stickland/INPHO


But there would be no such five-in-a-row celebrations.

Liam Sheedy celebrates at the final whistle Source: Cathal Noonan

Henry’s miraculous cruciate ligament recovery proved a step too far.

Henry Shefflin pulls up with a knee injury

But it was a Tipp man who stole the show in 2010 – Lar Corbett celebrating his first goal.

Lar Corbett celebrates scoring a goal Source: Lorraine O'Sullivan/INPHO

And not even this flying hurly could stop him from bagging his second.

Lar Corbett scores his second goal Source: Cathal Noonan

Shane McGrath holds on.

TJ Reid, Henry Shefflin and Eoin Larkin tackle Shane McGrath Source: Cathal Noonan

And one man’s despair…

Richie Power Source: Donall Farmer/INPHO

Is another man’s treasure.

Brendan Cummins celebrates


Three years on and there’s no less fire in the belly – ask Brian Gavin.

Brian Gavin accidently gets struck Source: James Crombie/INPHO

We know who came out of that the worst.

Brian Gavin gets repairs after being accidently hit by Tommy Walsh Source: Billy Stickland/INPHO

JJ Delaney edges Seamus Callanan for the high ball.

Seamus Callanan and JJ Delaney Source: James Crombie

And Kilkenny weren’t letting this one go.

Brendan Maher on the ground Source: Billy Stickland/INPHO

Things got tense.

Brian Cody dejected Source: James Crombie

On the pitch too.

Jackie Tyrell and Tommy Walsh battles with Patrick Maher and Lar Corbett Source: James Crombie/INPHO

In the end though it was Brian Cody who came out on top, and he loved every last second of it.

Brian Cody celebrates with Tommy Walsh Source: Cathal Noonan

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