Sports film of the week: Pretty Sweet

Yes, it’s a skateboarding film — but it might just be one of the most beautiful skateboarding films ever made.

Title: Pretty Sweet

Released: 2012

Plot: Directed in part by Spike Jonze, Pretty Sweet is essentially a long promo for the Girl and Chocolate skateboard brands.

So what? Well, when you take a bunch of hi-def cameras, 30 world-class skaters and some stunning locations — Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, China, and Barcelona — you get pretty incredible results.

You don’t need to be a fan of skateboarding to enjoy this. Just a fan of saying “wow.”

What the critics said: “Pretty Sweet‘s intro channels one of capital-C cinema’s most famous openings for a grandiose one-shot take that involves maybe fifty variables, dozens of people and two confetti canons. It is not often that you’ll be thirty minutes into a skate video and still wondering how the they pulled off the intro.” (

Random YouTube comment: “I seriously watched this for the 30th time… Just too sick” (Nico Leene)

YouTube Credit: PoolPartyColab

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